What do you mean by lubricant

Suitable lubricant for key pens

So, after the Christmas days you can devote yourself to the important things again;)

Thank you first for the plentiful answers.

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I ordered Protek in England without any problems. But before lubricating, first polish, polish, polish what the pull holds and see if that doesn't deliver the desired result.

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Of course, I'll polish first, otherwise I'll look around again for a suitable source for the Protek.

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At FTP Pianoforti I was able to order Protek CLP and MPL as normal

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Thank you for the hint, I'll have a look!

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Congratulations on the Wurlitzer. Is this a major construction site or does everything else work?
I was once given a Rhodes Mark I, but the classic problem, the corrosion of the coil connections, occurred with so many tones that a repair was not affordable for me.

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In my opinion, definitely a larger construction site: D It is currently completely dismantled. Before that, however, I was allowed to remove plenty of 50-year-old dust.

I am currently dedicating myself to the key decoration. I removed the old felt and the first keys already got their new felt. It's a wonder what a difference a few millimeters of felt can make in terms of feel.

When all mechanical components are overhauled, I first install the amp again and look at the result. But since I expect the typical Wurlitz hum, the electronic components will probably be overhauled again.

The Rhodes you mentioned is of course also great and a legend, but you're right, if you can't repair it yourself, you usually have to pay a lot, as there are only a few places to go for vintage electric pianos in Germany. Do you still have Rhodes with you or have you sold it in the meantime?

For fun I was looking for old Rhodes and Wurlitzers today, but the price has soared and the market is unfortunately very small. I could have imagined buying one or the other old electric piano in a bad condition and bringing it back into shape, as my current project gives me a lot of pleasure. But the electric pianos offered on the Internet are all expensive and in good condition. I couldn't find any specimens that were rocked down.

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