Why did Claire leave Frank

Why would Claire Underwood leave Frank?

At the end of the third season of House of Cards, Claire Underwood announces that she is leaving Frank, allegedly because she can no longer stand his condescending and abusive behavior.

But I thought that a political beast as smart and ambitious as Clair Underwood isn't going to leave its president with husband just because she's angry no matter what. She should know how to control her emotions and swallow whatever comes his way. At this point, she needs him more than he needs her to get to where she wants to be (presumably the President of the United States).

She also made a deal with Frank to help each other get elected. If she goes away, she won't get anything.

I think the whole act just doesn't make sense. What better explanation why Claire would leave Frank immediately?

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Claire is a political beast indeed, but not to the extent of Machiavellian Frank. Over the past three seasons, she has shown increasing signs of doubt about the moral sacrifices she has made in order to be who she is today. This culminated in her publicly shameful President Petrov on live television about Corrigan's suicide. Her rise to power also reached a plateau and sank after her short and difficult career as UN ambassador as unsuccessful.

By the end of season three, Claire deeply challenged her choices and had very little political clout. Frank's own power seems to be waning, too, despite his best efforts. At that moment Claire decided it was time to leave the ship.


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