Rekorderlig Cider is vegan friendly

Great variety of good products

Who can I contact if I have questions about a product?

We are constantly working to improve our products. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you are not satisfied with the quality, please use our contact form to contact our customer service.

Is there also dog and cat food as tegut… own brand?

Our four-legged friends don't miss out either and receive tasty delicacies that they will love. We have a wide range of products available for you under the Bester Freund brand.

How do I find out who makes tegut ... private label products?

For all tegut… own-label products, you will find the manufacturer's address on the product packaging (usually on the back).

Why can the tegut… own brands be offered cheaply?

Long-term contracts and a partnership-based cooperation guarantee the producers secure purchase quantities and a favorable price for you.

Why do the tegut ... own brands taste so good?

The product recipes are developed together with the suppliers in order to create products for you with the best taste profiles - with the focus on using natural, unadulterated ingredients. Regular sensory evaluations by customers and employees also provide suggestions for improved recipes.

Who produces the tegut… own brands?

The tegut ... own brands are produced by medium-sized companies from Germany whenever possible. We rely on direct contact with the producers and on long-term partnerships.

What does the tegut ... promise of purity stand for?

According to the tegut… purity promise, only good ingredients are used for good taste. We deliberately refrain from using flavor enhancers, yeast extract, colorings, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.

How do I recognize tegut ... own brands?

Our 4 different tegut… own brand lines in the food sector can all be recognized by the tegut… logo on the product packaging and also on the shelf label.

Which own brands are there?

The diverse range of food from tegut… own brands includes the tegut… brand with the tegut… purity promise, tegut… organic, tegut… the finest and tegut… LandPrimus.

Since every person has individual needs and wishes, we would like to offer you the opportunity to make your own decisions with our tegut… own-brand lines.

You can find more information under tegut… own brands. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our products.