What is reverse MBA

New ETH training program for managers - technical basics for a career kick

The MAS in Applied Technology is intended to convey important technologies and scientific fundamentals. (Image: ETH Zurich / Robert Lettow, LPC)

Career steps into middle and upper management in technology-oriented companies often require an increase in knowledge: Experts with an engineering or scientific background acquire the basics of the market economy in MBA programs. However, people with an education in economics or non-technical fields have so far had no comparable opportunity to acquire technological and scientific fundamentals that enable a similar career advancement.

Against this background, ETH Zurich, together with Swissmem and representatives of technology companies such as ABB, developed the advanced training program “Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) ETH in Applied Technology”. The MAS provides existing and potential executives with the scientific basis, future trends and a better understanding of applied science and technology.

For technology companies, the MAS is an ideal means of overcoming the shortage of skilled workers and increasing diversity in senior management. The target audience includes line, product and project managers with business or limited technical backgrounds who need a better understanding of science and technology to advance their careers.

The two-year, part-time MAS has a modular structure and consists of four CAS programs (Certificate of Advanced Studies), which can also be taken individually and each can be completed with a CAS diploma. The first three CAS focus on specific technology areas such as information technology, manufacturing technology and energy (further CAS technology areas are planned). The fourth CAS conveys the basics of research, development and innovation. For a master’s degree, students must complete these four CAS programs as well as an experimental project and the master’s thesis.

An information event for interested potential participants and personnel developers will take place at ETH on March 5, 2020. Further information, including the upcoming application deadlines, can be found at: www.mas-at.ethz.ch or from Maria Polito, Program Director, [email protected], +41 44 632 01 74.