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True to the motto: “Always open to new things”, I will deal more intensively with vegan cuisine in the near future. It was not planned to make a big announcement. However, thematically it fits perfectly with the current cooking pot blog event “The First Ma (h) l”, where Nata from pastasciutta is still looking for kitchen premieres until tomorrow Friday. Last night [...]

I like strawberries best, raw and pure, just like nature created them. That's why I hesitated for a long time to bake them in the cake. The strawberry ricotta muffins are worth sacrificing some of the raw strawberries. Just like the rhubarb cream cheese muffins, they are fluffy, soft, and juicy. This time the [...]

Last year I thought there was no better use for rhubarb than the rhubarb and cheese crumble cake. Then I discovered that you can make muffins with cream cheese, added rhubarb and was in muffin rhubarb paradise. I only say one thing: please, please, imitate! These muffins are unique: fluffy, soft, juicy, fruity, aromatic, seductive ... to cuddle up in! They are also [...]

Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and black & white cupcakes Cupcakes, well, cupcakes are such a thing, some swear by them and even devote entire blogs to the colorful tartlets, others are of the opinion that this “trend pastry from America” is just “much too sweet, elaborately disguised muffins are ”(as Sarah Kuttner writes in her book Growth Pain). We, Sophie (13) [...]

We don't have a deep fryer. I've never owned one before and don't miss it either. However, I love donuts, very much and of course I would like to make them myself. When I first saw that donuts can also be prepared in the oven, my curiosity was aroused again. The following recipe is made with baking powder dough [...]

The best muffins we've ever eaten! You bite into it and you're in seventh heaven. Fantastically delicious, aromatic and juicy mini cakes that make you happy. I immediately noticed the recipe when leafing through Nicole Stich's cookbook "delicious days" and when Kathi from "Kochfrosch" recently copied the muffins and blogged with enthusiasm, I had to [...]

How lucky we were that there was still Dulce de Leche left from the last baking marathon and Zorra gave me the idea to bake muffins with the rest. So we got the pleasure of a new dreamlike taste experience. As with the lemon poppy seed muffins, the term “muffins” can also be questioned here [...]

Sometimes you have to bake quickly and muffins are a good choice. Mix moist ingredients in one bowl, dry ingredients in the other, then tip everything together, mix briefly, then distribute in molds, bake, cool and enjoy! Voilà! I copied the following recipe at Joy of baking, one of my favorite sites for [...]

For a few days there has been a total absence of cakes in our house and this has rarely happened since my blog started. That is exactly how long Aleksandar sneaks around restlessly and without result, hoping to find a forgotten cake crumb somewhere. He doesn't dare to ask out loud. Did he mean recently that you don't have too much cake [...]

Mini chocolate and cheese tartlet A real tongue twister that melts on the tongue when consumed. The American cheesecakes are much more compact than the German or Luxembourgish ones, but also nice and creamy. The ingredients for the filling should be at room temperature and should not be beaten until they are airy, but should only be stirred briefly until smooth. So that no cracks appear during baking, the [...]

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