Are Turks and Armenians genetically the same

geneticsWhat our blood Not betrays

It is maximally possible to determine with a DNA test from which region a person comes. In normal tests, the continents come out roughly: Europe, Native Americans, East Asia. In people from these regions, the genome differs so clearly that the respective origins are easy to determine, says DRadio-Wissen author Sophie Stigler. "If you look at hundreds of thousands of places in the genome, you can say more precisely where someone comes from. What you get afterwards is something like: The genome indicates an origin from the Mediterranean region," says Sophie Stigler.

"The Turks themselves - genetically - do not exist"

To find out, scientists look at characteristic locations in the DNA and compare them with the genetic make-up of people from other regions of the world. Depending on how many matches there are, they can say: there is a certain probability that your ancestors come from this or that region.

Erdogan's proposal that members of the Bundestag of Turkish origin should take a blood test to test whether they really come from Turkey is therefore invalid: there were many migration flows from different ethnic groups in the area of ​​Turkey. That is why Turkey is a genetic melting pot. "The Turks themselves - genetically - are just as rare as the genetic Germans," says the molecular biologist Manfred Kayser.