In which museum did Ross Geller work

The 6 friends

Rachel Green
Rachel has been Monica's best friend since high school. After graduation, the two lost sight of each other for a while, until she moved in with Monica after her wedding that had broken off. From now on she tried her life without the help of her father alone to get a grip. Because Rachel is a little naive, she not only tripped herself up once, but she did not oppose.
Rachel was in a relationship with Ross for a long time, but they broke up after he had something with another woman during a break she wanted. Since then, the two are no longer a couple. However, it seems that she still feels something for him ...
Monica Geller
Monica is not only the best friend of Rachel, who she let live with her after her failed wedding, but also the little sister of Ross.
Monica was a little more copulent in high school and since she managed to lose weight in a year with an iron will, she's in every way very exactly. Your desperate will for cleanliness and always that best to be, not only drives others crazy sometimes, but also to ignore it now.
Monica is a fantastic cook, which is why she works as head chef, where she also had teething problems because of her urge for perfection. After frequent bad luck in love, she discovered her feelings for Chandler, with whom she has been a couple since then.
Ross Geller
Ross is the older brother of Monica, who once worked as a palantologist in a museum. Ross is already very Long in love with Rachel, since high school to be precise. They were a couple for a long time, but fell apart because of a silly break in relationship. Then Ross got married twice, the first time his wife left him because she recognized her lesbian tendencies and the second time his wife left him right at the altar because he Rachel instead of Yes said. Because of his screwed up love life, he suffered a nervous breakdown and was fired. Since then he has been working as a professor at a university. He married one more time, this time to Rachel, but in Vegas out of a drunkenness, which led to his third divorce led. You can tell again and again that he's still in love with Rachel, and we're excited to see how it turns out.
Ross is a clumsy guy who does a lot of goodwill, but often achieves a completely different (and mostly funny) effect.
Chandler Bing
Chandler is a very weird guy. Quite childlike and humorous, he can think of a suitable saying in every situation. He lived with his best friend Joey until he was after a lot Bad luck met Monica and moved in with her without further ado. Although he is straight, traits and behaviors that are mostly only found in gay men make him embarrassed.
His dry sense of humor and his often rash actions made him an unmistakably chaotic quartet when he was still living with Joey, with Joey, a chicken and a duck.
Because of his already mentioned bad luck with love, he is still quite inexperienced and awkward in the relationship, and learns from his great love Monica how to behave in an "adult" relationship. In the end, he marries her at the end of the seventh season.
Joey Tribbiani
Joey is an unsuccessful actor who peaked his career so far as Dr. Romoray had, but found a quick serial death.
He lived with Chandler, who is also his best friend, until Monica moved out. Although the two didn't just have one disagreement, they always made up quickly. Joey even left his girlfriend once for Chandler, because she didn't get along with Chandler and Monica.
Joey is a self-loving ripper who flirts with every good-looking woman he meets. He also loves sports, baywatch and beautiful women. Joey seems even more sympathetic because of his a little too short intelligence, which he really is.
Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe lived until Rachel appeared with Monica and is an extremely peculiar person who lives in her own world and has a completely twisted worldview. She is a New Age supporter and has more strange habits such as their specially composed songs, which sound a little strange rhythmically and melodically. The lyrics also seemed a little unusual.
Phoebe knows little about her past and her ancestry. She spent a long time looking for her parents and relatives. Phoebe even lived on the street for a while and therefore has a somewhat rough way of dealing with other people, but never does that on purpose, on the contrary. Basically, she always tries to help, but rarely gets to the point and it often remains a question of what she meant.
After Rachel had to move out with Monica because of Chandler, Rachel lives with her. She's really happy about it, but there are occasional problems with her because of her quirks.