How do I meet Steve Wozniak

"I can imagine that, yeah"

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does not rule out a return to Cupertino. It is clear to him: "Apple should open up."

Steve Wozniak is a legend: in 1976, "The Woz" founded Apple together with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. The American, who turned 60 last year, built his first computer at the tender age of 20, but left the company in 1987 after disagreements. Nevertheless, he is still considered a Mac fan and receives a symbolic salary from Apple as an informal consultant.

"Declaration of love" to Apple products

On an occasion in Holland, he renewed his oath of love: Apple products are unbelievable to him. "One product after the other is of high quality, and all of them become hits," Wozniak is quoted by the Reuters news agency. There is an incredible amount that he knows about Apple. That is why he does not rule out taking an active role in the group again: "I can imagine that, yeah."

The computer engineer is not too bad to criticize Steve Jobs' company policy: Basically, he is convinced that Apple is making the right decisions for the right reasons. Wozniak is convinced that “Apple should be more open”. That is possible without Apple selling less as a result. He likes technologies that are open so that you can make changes yourself.

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