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"Game of Thrones": Season six finale

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The atmospheric tenth episode of the sixth season, "The Winds of Winter", provides evidence of a widespread theory. In Westeros there is hardly a stone left unturned.

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In the finale of the sixth season, “Game of Thrones” takes its time. The tenth episode “The Winds of Winter” lasts 69 minutes - longer than any before. You notice that, especially at the beginning. In King's Landing, the day of Cerseis and Loras' trial, or rather the Inquisition, begins. Before the splendid Great Septe of Baelor begins, we see the figures getting dressed: Queen Margaery's dress is laced, King Tommen's chain is put on, Queen Mother Cersei's ring is put on and Loras Tyrell's haircut. All this to atmospheric music, no words are spoken. Such calm does not bode well in "Game of Thrones". Contemplative sequences like these are usually found before battles.

Indeed, this negotiation is going to be a battle, only most of those involved don't know it yet. That's why Cersei wears a black, martial dress that looks like armor. What she doesn't know, in turn, is that it's already a mourning dress. Because the plot that she is crazy demands more victims than she thinks.

"Sometimes, before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest," says Maester Qyburn, before having Maester Pycelle murdered by children (we only find out why at the end). This sentence applies to the entire sixth season: out with the old, in with the new. Many, many characters die in this final episode. Before season seven (and eight), the narrative threads have to be gathered again, the scenes of action reduced. "The Winds of Winter" does that.

Cersei, what did you do?

As expected, the negotiation is a fundamental religious farce. Cersei never comes to her inquisition, and neither does King Tommen, whom she prevents. Only Loras confesses his sins, "all of them", and gets the symbol of the seven carved on his forehead. His sister Margaery didn't mind that with the High Sparrow - but she didn't get upset about it for long. Like Kassandra, she sees the greater, the impending disaster before the others. "We all need to leave. Let us go ”, she begs the High Sparrow. Too late. Lancel Lannister also discovers the secret hiding place full of wildfire under the church too late. The highly flammable liquid catches fire in front of his eyes - and devours him, everyone in the church and certainly a great many innocent people around King's Landing.

The High Sparrow looks a bit as if it is welcoming the fire. We only see it burn for a short time, the wildfire does not dawdle, it takes everything with it. We don't see Margaery, Loras and their father Mace Tyrell die, nor do Kevan Lannister, the "Hand of the King" and the other mighty powers of the court. I always liked Margaery. She was a schemer, but a gentle, lovable one.

Cersei did not foresee what her death would mean for her husband Tommen. She lacks empathy that her son could love someone like her. Nevertheless, it looks like a short-circuit reaction, as Tommen stands in front of the open window, removes his crown and then takes a step into the abyss out of that very window.

"Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds"

“Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds,” the fortune teller Maggy the Frog once said about the children that Cersei had not even given birth at the time. Golden crowns, golden shrouds. Now this prophecy has come true. In the end, Cersei crowns herself Queen of Westeros and "protector of the realm" in front of her brother / lover Jaime. She sat on this throne before, at the end of season two, in the "Battle of Blackwater". She had little Tommen on her lap. Ready to poison himself and himself in case Stannis conquers the city. Wildfire was on fire back then too.

How will Cersei be without the children she loved so much? She might give a first foretaste of this when dealing with Septa Unella, which she leaves to Zombie Mountain. On the other hand: Cersei would have done that before. How well a queen is received who burns part of her court, her daughter-in-law and clergy in a church remains to be seen.

Cersei isn't the only queen wearing black this episode. Her challenger, Queen Daenerys, is also in dark robes at the end of the episode. This puts an end to Daario Naharis in Meereen. She wants to be free for a possible alliance, a marriage, in Westeros, wherever she is - finally, after six seasons! - sets off. It's great that Tyrion is also returning to his home continent. As "Hand of the Queen" with a matching brooch.

Where will Daenerys sail with her army? After Dorne, where Olenna Tyrell (great bossy as always) is already making plans for revenge with the Sand Snakes and Varys, Cersei has finally wiped out the future of House Tyrell.

Books on chains for Sam

As much as the episode took its time at the beginning, other things are moving quickly. Traveling in particular is much faster in season six than in the previous seasons. The producers explain this by saying that the amount of time that elapses between the different storylines varies. That should be really interesting in seasons seven (and eight), for example with Sam: He has arrived at the Citadel to be trained as a maester. But this training should take at least two years. Too long to be of any help to Jon Snow (and Sansa Stark) up north.

Perhaps he was inspired by author George R.R. Martin was only sent to this huge library (that's how I imagine the library of Alexandria) to find a clue about how to defeat the White Walkers. In view of the sheer mass of (chained) books, I wish him the best of luck.

The wall must fall

Uncle Benjen Stark north of the wall provides an important indication of how things will continue. He brings his nephews Bran Stark and Meera Reed to the huge wall of ice that he cannot climb. It consists not only of ice and stone, but also of magic. “While it stands, the dead cannot pass,” says Benjen. In other words: before the alleged finale of the series, the great battle between the living and the dead, this wall will break.

"Promise me, Ned"

In any case, we now know what magical ability Bran has as "Three Eyed Raven": If he touches a Weirwood tree, he gets visions. And finally we see what his father Ned Stark found at the Tower of Joy: his sister Lyanna Stark in a bed full of blood. "Promise me, Ned," she says and whispers something in his ear. What should he promise her? To protect her and Rhaegar Targaryen's son, of course. Crown Prince Rhaegar didn't kidnap her back then, she ran away with him.

The series doesn't have to say it, the cut goes from the baby's dark eyes to the dark eyes of Jon Snow: Jon is not Ned's son, but his nephew. Just like he's Daenerys' nephew. The theory that has been circulating for years about Jon's true parents is actually true. But will Jon ever find out who his mother is?

He conquered Winterfell with Sansa, but as long as the power-hungry Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is there, I'm afraid for him (especially because Davos and Jon sent Melisandre away for their murder on Shireen). Because the trust between Jon and Sansa is fragile, and Baelish knows that too, himself not exactly trustworthy. "Only a fool would trust Littlefinger," says Sansa. After all, he finally reveals what he wants: the Iron Throne and Sansa by his side. Well, if it's nothing else.

"He is the White Wolf! The King in the North "

In the last blog I asked where Lyanna Mormont is. We can breathe a sigh of relief: not only did she survive the battle unscathed, she also unexpectedly becomes kingmaker. One after the other, she reprimanded the noble houses Glover, Manderly and Cerwyn at the Winterfell meeting. “You refused the call,” she complains. And not only makes Jon the ruler of Winterfell - he would have left this post nobly to his (non-) half-sister - but even makes him king: “He is the White Wolf! The King in the North “, she exclaims and everyone swears their loyalty. Funny that a girl named after her real mother would make the bastard Jon Snow king.

"Jon Snow is not a King", Ser Davos had said in the last episode. That is no longer true. Even if he didn't say anything about it himself. Now he has to be careful not to push Sansa away. Because “Winter is here.” And with him the King of the Night will come. The Starks have to stand together, no matter what surname and title they have.

Arya serves "Frey Pie"

Many fans have loved the series writers David Benioff and D.B. Resented Weiss for removing Lady Stoneheart from the books. After the final we finally know why. Somebody else does your job. Which is it? Kill Freys. The pretty waitress at the Freys victory celebration, who has already cast an eye on Jaime, is none other than Arya Stark.

She actually took a face from the House of Black and White (or does she just know how to make these?). Disguised like this, she puts a “Frey Pie” in front of old Walder Frey: a pie made with the meat of his own sons. Your face is the last he sees. It can carry on like this.

Quotes of the week:

  • Sansa: "I always thought about what I wanted, not what I had."
  • Maester to Sam: "This is irregular"
    Sam: "I suppose life is irregular."
  • Davos to Melisandre about the Red God: "If he commands you to burn children, your Lord is evil."
  • Tormund Giantsbane: “We didn't invade. We were invited. "
  • Tommen's last words: “Alright. I'm ready. "

The dead from "The Winds of Winter":

  • Margaery Tyrell
  • King Tommen
  • Loras Tyrell
  • Lancel Lannister
  • Kevan Lannister
  • High Sparrow
  • Maester Pycelle
  • Mace Tyrell
  • Walder Frey
  • Black Walder Frey
  • Lothar Frey
  • Lyanna Stark (in Bran's vision)

Did i forget someone? Request for additions

ADDENDUM: What is Varys doing on the ship?

The possible answer: There are already ships from Dorne in Daenerys' fleet. Here, too, the different timing of the different storylines is irritating.

ADDENDUM 2: Here is the music from the beginning, written by Ramin Djawadi

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