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Rebun Island

Rebun Island


Sea of ​​Japan off the northwest tip of Hokkaido
Rebun (Japanese Rebun-to) is a small Japanese island off the north-western tip of Hokkaido. In the series Revenge it is the place where Emily Thorne and Aiden Mathis were trained by Satoshi Takeda.

Geography Edit source]

Rebun Island is an island in the Japanese sea off the north-western tip of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the second largest of the Japanese islands and is located in the north of Japan. Rebun, on the other hand, is only 81.25 km² in size. It is known for its alpine flora and the 8-hour hiking trail that runs north-south across the island. She belongs to Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park. The highest point is the Rebun mountain at 490 m. The island has about 3140 inhabitants.

Sights [edit | Edit source]

  • Berg Rebun (Rebun-dake)
  • Peach rocks (Momo-iwa)
  • Jizo rocks
  • Cat rock (Neko-iwa)
  • Cape Sukoton
  • Cape Kaneda
  • Cape Gorota
  • Cape Sukai
  • Todo Island
  • Kushu lake
  • Yamunai Valley
  • Rebun forest road
  • Rebun waterfalls

In the television series Revenge Edit source]

In the series, Rebun Island is the place where Emily Thorne and Aiden Mathis were trained by Satoshi Takeda. Training on the Path of Retribution is characterized by hardness, discipline and self-control. She can be seen in flashbacks several times in the series. However, there the students also learn skills that they need to immerse themselves in their respective environment or that are otherwise useful and helpful. Emily Thorne, for example, speaks both French and Japanese and moves confidently at any social event.

During the training, a love affair develops between Emily and Aiden. However, we finally sent Aiden away to follow a lead to his sister. He had promised to take Emily with him in secret. However, it waits in vain. Takeda sees this as a lesson that Aiden has learned his lesson, but Emily has not yet. Love, feelings, and emotions would only divert or harm one from the path of retribution. Emily will hold this against Aiden quite heavily. But later the two find each other again.

Schooled in Revenge Edit source]

Jesse Lasky, one of the scriptwriters, has a novel as a book Schooled in Revenge written. The book is only available in English so far. The book is about a young girl Ava Wintersthat their inheritance (a winery in California) has been cheated and, along with other young people from Takeda, Rebun Island, is being trained on the path of retribution and is finally setting out for revenge. She also briefly meets Emily Thorne. It's kind of a spin-off to the television series and there is also a short video showing the training on Rebun.

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