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What are the signs my ex boyfriend might be back?

If you're feeling a little frustrated and waiting for signs that your ex might come back, then you're about to get hope. Since every man and every breakup is different, it is impossible to gauge what exactly is going on in your ex boyfriend's head.

However, there are very clear signs that you may not have noticed at first and that give you new courage to regain your ex. Sometimes even faster than you can imagine ...

6 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend May Come Back - What To Look For?

Unfortunately, many relationships end in a big fight, so it's hard to imagine that you will ever be able to deal with each other normally again and a relationship seems hopeless.

In some cases, however, there had to be a separation with many emotions to make both of you realize how important you are to each other. Feelings never go away overnight and that can be your chance.

After this first emotional chaos and after both of you have calmed down, some people quickly realize that the separation was only so intense because of pent-up emotions. The fear of losing the person you love forever becomes enormous. This can be your chance next time to do everything right from the start for a happy relationship.

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Here are the 6 signs your ex boyfriend might come back to you:

1. Your ex boyfriend says he misses you and that the breakup was a mistake

As absurd as it may sound, many women don't believe their ex boyfriend when he tells them he misses her and the breakup was a mistake. They are still too hurt and suspicious of the painful separation.

In order not to give in too quickly and possibly get injured again, you should of course remain suspicious. It could also be just a game of his to rekindle your emotions, although his only aim is to restore his injured pride and get attention from you again.

However, some really regret the breakup and mean their words seriously because they realize how much they still care about you.

2. Your ex boyfriend tries to keep in touch with you

Many ex friends fear that the connection with you will be broken and try to keep in touch because of it. Does he still write to you, comment or like your pictures or even call you if he needs advice. These are all good signs to you that you are still important to him.

Now you can try to get closer to him step by step if you want to get him back. You should make sure to bring more looseness and ease into your contact and then suggest a meeting at the right moment.

Either you just make friends with him or you even suggest a date. However, this will only work if you don't make it too obvious and go slowly. You definitely don't want to be just a "stopgap" for him and run after him while he's still meeting other women.

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3. You feel a lot of nostalgia in your ex boyfriend

Do you notice with him directly or indirectly how he remembers old times, regardless of whether they have something to do with you or just want a carefree time back. Everyone goes through a difficult phase after a breakup and you become very aware of what went wrong, but also what was beautiful and unforgettable in the past.

In order to reconnect with him, it is important to keep an eye on the positive experiences, you can build on that. Never let conversations slide in a negative direction, but try to shed light on the positive moments and indulge in memories with him, what could be nicer.

The more he becomes aware of how nice your relationship was most of the time and how much he experienced with you, how often you laughed and simply forgot everything around you, the more feelings it will evoke in him.

It is a good sign if he largely forgets or suppresses the negative moments and you do the same. If you want to discuss everything at the same time as you are getting closer, this is a real mood killer and should be avoided at all costs.

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4. Your ex boyfriend asks you if you are dating others

Another good sign is when your ex boyfriend asks you if you are dating others. If he feels how you are slowly overcoming your breakup or have already done it successfully, he knows exactly that other men might be interested in you too. You know best yourself whether he is jealous.

A question like this from girlfriends or other friends you have known for a long time has a different background than your ex-boyfriend. Maybe he's really just asking, but it's unlikely. He wants to explore his chances, not suddenly be uninteresting and miss the moment to win you back again.

He knows very well that once you get to know someone new and it develops into a new relationship, his chances are extremely reduced. As long as you're single, he knows that he can take his time and take everything slowly. Maybe he really wants you back and doesn't dare to speak out openly yet because he is afraid of rejection himself. Men are often more insecure than they are towards women.

5. Your ex boyfriend asks others about what you are doing and how you are

If your ex boyfriend asks other people what you are doing and how you are doing, this is a good first sign. He tries so indirectly to get information in order to weigh up his chances, unless he already has a new girlfriend.

Instead of texting you directly because he's too shy, he wants to reach out to you so that you can get in touch with him. It can be a good chance to have a casual conversation if you want to take advantage of this.

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6. Your ex boyfriend and others can see that you have changed

Relying on your ex to get to you and want you back just like that is very unlikely. Working on yourself, changing and developing yourself will bring you a lot, firstly, and secondly, your ex will notice that too.

Everyone in your environment notices when you change and you should use that. Life is a process in which you either grow and develop or stand still and sink into self-pity.

Take some time and find out what exactly went wrong between you and what you personally neglected for yourself. Then you start to work on it, but not for him, but to save yourself from making the same mistakes in the future.

What's stopping your ex from admitting their feelings to you and just coming back to you?

After a breakup, there is usually a strange mood between the two of you and nobody wants to admit that the end of the relationship is very downing for them. The same even if some time has passed, everyone has become aware of their feelings and yet there is still a hurdle to openly express what one feels. Men and women are pretty much the same.

You ask yourself, of course, why as a man he doesn't just say that he wants you back and that he still loves you. If you still love him, you always wait and hope for it and are disappointed when he waits so long.

There are a few reasons for his behavior that you can certainly understand:

1. He has too great pride

No matter who of you two broke up or whether you both decided to split up together: The pride and the ego are still too big to take the first step towards a comeback.

He doesn't want to give himself up and come "crawling", the pride is too great until he realizes: Either he takes the first step or it will never happen to you two again.

2. He is afraid of rejection

You can certainly understand how uncomfortable the feeling is and always run the risk of being rejected. It would feel like a slap in the face to him too, to be rebuffed from you. Your ex wants to play it safe before they risk kissing you, suggesting going on a real date with you, or another first step that will make you realize they want to come back to you.

3. He feels that you deserve someone better

Your past together plays an important role and many men feel guilty when they realize after a while what a big shit they have partially done in the relationship.

Some men eat it up inside so much that even though he misses you and wants you back, he feels so guilty for what he's done that he wants to save you from it. He knows how much your breakup hurt you and doesn't want to do that to you again if it doesn't work out between you.

What to do when you see signs that he wants to get back to you?

Women tend to be more passive and wait until everything seems 100% safe - you shouldn't do that in that case.

If he wants to get back to you, you should by no means try to start power games or leave him in the dark for unnecessarily long.

Only if you pay attention to the signs, recognize them and make a clear decision that you want to give him a second chance can you try again. If you are unsure, then better leave it and not play with him.

The only hope that is worse than a rejection is the hope that you give him and since nobody likes to be delayed, you should make a decision as soon as possible.

How can you take the first step when he wants to go back?

Come towards him a little and let everything that happened between you be like that for the time being. When you meet or write again, a new chapter should begin between you and what bothered / hurt / disappointed you in the other can be clarified at some point later.

Give him as many options as you want to approach you openly and appreciate that, because your ex boyfriend is just showing how brave he is by consciously or subconsciously giving you the signs that you secretly want.

Most men are very proud and find it extremely difficult to be vulnerable themselves.

He's taken the first step by giving clear signs that he wants you back - now your first step is to acknowledge that and set the direction for both of you to go.

Tell your ex boyfriend clearly what you want from him!

What went wrong in your previous relationship is a thing of the past, now is your chance to do everything better right from the start. Do you want more attention from him? Or do you want to go out to dinner with him more often? Do you mind if he spends (too) much time on hobbies?

No matter what it is, now is the time to tell him from the start and replace it with the activities that make you happy. If your relationship used to be very one-sided, get involved now and he may even be happy about it.

He wants to get back to you and is certainly willing to compromise because he realizes that only such a harmonious relationship can work.

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