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EU goods: pros and cons when buying smartphones, cell phones, tablets

Anyone who has ever looked for cell phone bargains in online shops will certainly have stumbled across the term “EU goods”. At you can find out exactly what EU goods are and what you should pay attention to when buying.

What are EU goods?

EU goods are devices that were not actually produced for the German market. They were produced for another EU country and are imported from there. Technically, the devices are usually identical, but EU goods can differ from "DE goods" in terms of scope of delivery, price, availability and software.

EU goods are new and have nothing to do with B-goods (refurbished devices).

If you find an offer in an online shop, you will be informed there whether it is an EU product. The exact scope of delivery is also described on the offer page.

What are the advantages of EU goods when it comes to cell phones?

In principle, EU goods can be significantly cheaper than DE goods. This may be due to a lower purchasing power in this country, for example. The devices can then be offered on the German market at a correspondingly low price.

In addition, it may be that EU goods are available faster or better. If, for example, a smartphone is not yet sold in Germany or is already sold out, you still have the chance to purchase EU goods.

What are the disadvantages of EU goods when it comes to cell phones?

However, EU goods can also have some disadvantages. These smartphones are not approved for special campaigns, which we often report on at Handyhase - this includes, above all, campaigns in which you have to register the smartphone on a page, e.g. to receive a payout or a bonus. This does not work with EU goods.

It can also happen that software updates in the country from which the smartphone originates are issued later than in Germany. So you would have to wait a little longer than usual for such an update. It works the other way around, but it can happen that you get updates with EU goods faster.

In theory, EU goods can have a SIM or Net lock. Then it is possible that the SIM card from a German provider does not work. But that practically never happens - especially not with the deals we are reporting on here.

In addition, the language of the corresponding country will of course be set. However, this can be changed in the settings in a few steps and is not a problem.

The scope of delivery for EU goods may differ from German devices. For example, a (German) operating manual may be missing. If this is the case, the operating instructions will usually be made available to you online by the shop.

Guarantee and warranty for EU goods

Even if a smartphone you have bought is an EU product, you are definitely entitled to a warranty from the German dealer.

Many manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, HTC or Huawei also offer a guarantee that is valid throughout the EU. So here too you have no disadvantage.


As a rule, you can access EU goods without hesitation, because technically the devices are identical to German smartphones. Disadvantages such as the lack of operating instructions or a different language setting can be eliminated with just a few clicks.

You should only pay attention to the origin of the device for special campaigns. In the case of Handyhase deals, we report exactly which devices from which shops are approved for certain promotions.

When buying EU goods, as described above, make sure that neither SIM nor Net-Lock is available. Then buying and using EU goods is no problem.

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