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Karl J. Hierl - guide into the future, as he himself says so beautifully, enriches today's nuboRadio episode with the topics Development processes, personal development, coaching and much more. Have fun listening 😊.

The future. Not always predictable, rather uncertain and still very exciting. Nobody knows what tomorrow will be and without guidance or a goal one is more likely to live into the day. This is exactly where Karl comes in. With many years of experience, he helps, leads and inspires companies and people who are stuck, need a new path or want to solve a specific problem. Help on demand could be said that you can use it, because with a few more eyes the solution is sometimes closer than you might think.


Where are you travelling to?

Corona, home office, online meetings, flexibility, these are all terms that we have been unable to imagine without since March last year. Some find it terrible for others. It's a blessing. Can it be the same as before? NO definitely not and that's a good thing. A change is taking place right now and companies in particular now have the opportunity to think innovatively, new concepts for your employees to create etc.

Once again, creativity is encouraged and challenged to a degree that we would not have thought possible. The challenge here is to embrace the fact, accept it, and find your place in it.

Self-discipline, time management, motivation and much more count now!


How can I restructure as a company in the long term so that the ball stays with me in the future?

It's a matter of motivation. That is why there is a crucial word for it. WHY? Why am I doing what I am doing?

That is a Development process and this question cannot be answered quickly. It takes time and patience for it. When the answer is finally there, the first step has been taken and the journey into the future can really begin.

However, the question can be answered again and again, because time changes quickly and what was good today may be outdated tomorrow or in our case a pandemic will come and throw everything in a heap. Standing still or sticking to the tried and tested is no longer an option. Accepting that can be difficult, but here too Karl is the right person to talk to.

Continuous creative simulations are key

Clearly defined processes, structured working methods and always the same rut (which has proven itself in the past) can be shot out of control. New software that can work flexibly and change quickly is needed. Dynamic action, work and thinking are the order of the day.

“So, dear managers and bosses, get out of your comfort zone, renew your way of working, take it constructive suggestions from your employees, partners and Employees and network with your team. Just “go crazy”, what if… ”- Karl J. Hierl The digital possibilities for this are already very good and are of course constantly being developed.

The following should still be noted with all the new things. Simply doing it and going it alone without the support of the executive suite could backfire under certain circumstances. It is important that everyone is in the same boat and that managers are fully involved. Only WE can win.

Contact Karl if you need support, suggestions, impulses or guidance on the topics mentioned. He's your man for it.

Tell us how innovative Corona has become in your company.


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