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Landesrecht BW Citizen Service

§ 7
Pedagogical staff and additional staff

(1) In the facilities, the children are to be looked after, brought up and trained by pedagogically qualified specialists. The skilled workers can be supported by other suitable persons (additional workers).

(2) Specialists in institutions are:


state-approved educators and state-approved educators specializing in youth and home education;


State-recognized childhood educators from universities of applied sciences, teacher training colleges or other universities;


State-recognized social pedagogues, state-recognized social workers, qualified pedagogues, qualified educational scientists with a social pedagogical focus as well as Bachelor graduates in these disciplines;


Persons with the qualification for the teaching post at elementary schools, elementary and secondary schools as well as special schools;


Individuals with a degree in pedagogy, educational science or psychology with at least four semesters of pedagogy with a focus on children and young people or a focus on developmental psychology;


state-approved nannies;


state-approved curative educators;


People with a degree in curative education;


state-recognized curative educational nurses as well as


after a qualification in pedagogy of childhood and developmental psychology totaling at least 25 days, which can also be carried out part-time, or after a one-year supervised internship


Physiotherapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational and occupational therapists and occupational and occupational therapists, speech and speech therapists,


Health and pediatric nurses, midwives, maternity carers, home and family carers and home and family carers as well as village helpers,


Subject teachers for musical and technical subjects,


People who have successfully passed the first state examination for teaching at primary schools or primary and secondary schools or for teaching at special schools.

(3) A person whose qualification acquired abroad has been recognized by the competent authority as being equivalent to a qualification according to paragraph 2 is considered a specialist according to paragraph 2 with a corresponding domestic qualification. Unless otherwise regulated by special law, the responsible body is the Stuttgart Regional Council.

(4) Specialists within the meaning of Section 1 (8) also include social pedagogues, educators, nannies and persons in accordance with Section 2 Number 10 during the qualification or internship. The State Youth Welfare Office can also exceptionally approve other people as specialists at the request of the respective provider, provided that they are suitable according to their previous education and experience. Paragraph 9 remains unaffected.

(5) Additional workers within the meaning of this Act are people who, due to their qualifications in other fields, enrich the educational work in an institution. The institution responsible for the institution decides on the suitability as an additional worker. Paragraph 9 remains unaffected.

(6) Qualified personnel (managerial staff) authorized to manage are:


for the management of an institution:


Skilled workers according to paragraph 2 numbers 1 to 3 and


other specialists according to paragraph 2 with at least two years of probation as group leaders and advanced training to prepare for management tasks amounting to at least 160 hours;


for leading a group:


Skilled workers according to paragraph 2 numbers 1 to 5 and 8,


Skilled workers according to paragraph 2 numbers 7 and 9 who have proven themselves to be skilled workers in full-time employment for a period of at least one year


Skilled workers according to Paragraph 2 Nos. 6 and 10 who have proven themselves as skilled workers with full-time employment over a period of two years and who have completed at least 60 hours of comprehensive training in education and pedagogy in day-care centers.

In the case of part-time employment, the period according to number 1 letter b and number 2 letters b and c is extended accordingly. Paragraph 4 sentences 2 and 3 apply accordingly.

(7) The management staff have the tasks


to promote the development of the child into an independent and socially competent personality;


to support and supplement family upbringing and education;


to support parents with regard to the reconciliation of gainful employment and child-rearing and


to instruct other skilled and additional workers involved in the fulfillment of the tasks according to numbers 1 to 3.

The management of a day-care center within the meaning of Section 1 (1), in which children aged up to and including school enrollment are promoted in one of the groups specified in Section 1 (1) of the Day-Care Center Ordinance, has, in addition to the tasks specified in sentence 1, educational management tasks in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 paragraph 5 of the day care center ordinance. The other specialists support the management staff in the group.

(8) Skilled workers within the meaning of paragraphs 2 and 4 sentence 2 as well as additional workers may not be politically active in institutions to which this Act applies and which are sponsored by the state, a district, a municipality, an administrative community, a special-purpose or regional association , make religious, ideological or similar external statements that are likely to endanger or disturb the neutrality of the wearer towards children and parents or the political, religious or ideological peace in institutions to which this paragraph applies. In particular, external behavior is inadmissible which can give children or parents the impression that a specialist or other carer or parent is acting against human dignity, equal rights for people according to Article 3 of the Basic Law, the fundamental rights of freedom or the free-democratic basic order . The fulfillment of the mandate according to Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the constitution of the state of Baden-Württemberg to educate the youth in the spirit of Christian charity and the brotherhood of all people and the corresponding representation of such traditions does not contradict the requirement of conduct according to sentence 1.

(9) The hiring of a skilled worker within the meaning of paragraphs 2 and 4 sentence 2 as well as additional workers in facilities according to paragraph 8 sentence 1 presupposes as a personal qualification that they guarantee compliance with paragraph 8 during the entire duration of their employment relationship. Employment at a public or private institution also requires that they have the German language skills required to carry out their work.

(10) For the completion of an internship for training as a skilled worker, an exception to paragraph 8 can be provided in individual cases on request, insofar as the exercise of fundamental rights absolutely requires it and there are no compelling public interests in maintaining official neutrality and peace in the institution oppose.

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