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PUP.Optional.Legacy: what is it and how do I remove it?

If AdwCleaner finds PUP.Optional.Legacy on the PC, there is nothing to worry about. What the find means and how to remove it, we show in this CHIP practical tip.

PUP.Optional.Legacy: false positive in AdwCleaner

  • If the AdwCleaner or an anti-virus program indicates that PUP.Optional.Legacy has been found after a scan, you don't need to be alarmed: you have not caught a virus.
  • "PUP" means nothing else than "potentially unwanted program" or in English "Potentially Unwanted Program".
  • The virus protection software recognizes some installation files as potentially unwanted and marks them as supposed malware.
  • Installer programs that are loaded with software from the Internet are often affected. AdwCleaner usually shows "... Documents \ Downloaded Installers" as the path for the find. These folders are created by the installer software itself.

Remove PUP.Optional.Legacy in AdwCleaner

The PUP.Optional.Legacy does not cause any damage, but to keep your PC tidy, you should remove it. If you use Malwarebytes malware scanner, the file can be removed from your computer with just a few clicks.

  1. To do this, start the search scan and then put the "Unwanted Program" in quarantine.
  2. Then go to the "Quarantine" tab under the "History" tab.
  3. Here you just have to mark PUP.Optional.Legacy and click on "Delete". The supposed malware has already been removed.

PUP on installer software: Sometimes malware lurks

The reason for the error messages are usually installers that are considered potentially unwanted. In some cases unauthorized, in other cases they actually contain viruses or Trojans. In the video we explain the background to you.

On the next page we show in detail how to check your computer for viruses and Trojans.