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3. The right condominium

Essentially, it depends on your current family, professional and financial situation as well as your future plans as to which condominium corresponds exactly to your personal needs and individual possibilities and therefore suits you best.

Before you start looking for an apartment, you should think about what your current living conditions are like and what your future life plans look like. All further decisions that you have to make are significantly influenced by these framework conditions, which of course are individually designed for each apartment hunter.

Basic considerations when looking for an apartment

It is important that you first think about how you want to use the apartment in the future, for what purpose you want to buy it, because depending on what you intend to do with it, you should consider different things in terms of location, size and furnishings, for example Apply standards and carefully weigh up the pros and cons.

  • Would you like to live in it yourself, this is also referred to as "owner-occupied residential property"?
  • Would you like to rent the apartment to others, i.e. purchase it as an investment or income property?
  • Should the condominium serve you as a pension?

If you have planned the property as a pension for old age, you should already make sure that the apartment is planned and equipped in a senior-friendly manner in all respects.

The seemingly trivial question of where you want to live is not nearly as insignificant as it seems at first glance, especially when buying a home, because real estate is tied to a specific location. Thus, buying an apartment binds you to this place for a long time, if not forever, and should therefore be carefully considered. Decisive factors can be the proximity to the workplace or, at least in the future, the proximity to relatives.

Against this background, the location and environment of your future domicile also play a decisive role in your decision. Think about it,

  • whether you prefer to live in a rural setting, on the outskirts or in the center of the city center;
  • whether you need pulsating life right around you or whether you value a quiet environment and a secluded location;
  • whether you prefer a purely residential area or whether you prefer a mixed area with residential houses and commercial properties in between.

What you decide on ultimately depends very much on the infrastructural requirements that are important to you. You should base your decision on what the local conditions are like and whether they meet your requirements. A preliminary research on the Internet is the first step here in order to make inquiries about the local conditions.

Here's what you should know:

  • How is the transport connection?
  • What parking options are there?
  • How are the connections in local public transport?
  • Which shops are nearby?
  • How is the medical care (doctors, pharmacies)?
  • How far are kindergartens, schools and childcare facilities and how can they be reached?
  • What leisure activities are there (local recreation, culture, clubs)?

Of course, it is not just the external requirements that count for the living environment: You must not forget your “human” neighborhood, i.e. the other residents of the house. It is important that you try to get an idea in advance of whether you will get along with the other apartment owners in the house. Because if that weren't the case, inconveniences are already inevitable, as you will form a community of owners together with them in the future and decisions relating to common property will be made together in the owners' meeting.

With all these factors, you should be aware of what expectations you have of your perfect condominium, which of your requirements it must definitely meet and where you are prepared to make compromises due to the circumstances. Be sure to keep the durability of the relationship with your condominium in mind and choose the weighting so that you can be satisfied with it even after several years.

In order to further define your search criteria and thus fundamentally limit the selection, you should take into account the factual properties of the apartment in addition to the aspects mentioned when making your decision.

Before you think about furnishing a suitable apartment, you should also consider the living environment, whether the location of the apartment suits you.