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Search Engine Optimization: Basics for Beginners

What does search engine optimization mean and why is it important for businesses?

Felix Beilharz: Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is about being able to find your website as easily as possible on Google and being listed as high as possible for relevant search terms.

What can entrepreneurs do to make their own website more discoverable?

Felix Beilharz: Search engines like Google proceed according to various factors and also according to the relevance of the respective website. For example, it is about how the website is programmed. Is it easy to read and call up? In addition, Google looks at the content. Which words are where or how is the relationship between the various texts? Linking structures are also taken into account by Google and checked for reliability. Recently, Google has also been looking at the behavior of site visitors and whether, for example, they quickly jump back to the search engine and only stay briefly on the site. This can then have a negative effect on the ranking.

So if I want to be found well, I have to have a good website. This must be of high quality in terms of technology and content, have a good link structure and keep users with relevant content for a longer period of time.

Are there suitable tools or software to support this?

Felix Beilharz: There are actually quite a few. A lot is included, from download software to plug-ins for the browser. There are many free programs, some of which are only useful and useful to a limited extent, others are very good. Of course, there are also paid tools. These are usually better than free, but also quite expensive.
In the beginning, a free software or version is certainly sufficient. But if you want to go deeper and achieve even better rankings, you should resort to professional software.

And which “tricks” should users keep away from when it comes to search engine optimization?

Felix Beilharz: Users should always keep their hands off tricks, as the name already implies that Google should be tricked. This doesn't work as well today as it used to, as Google has become smarter over time and realizes when it's about to be outwitted.
Google has set certain rules that determine what is allowed and what is not. So if you are unsure whether the “trick” you are about to use complies with the rules, you should better compare it with the Google rules. Things like hidden texts or purchased links can also quickly backfire and even worsen the ranking.