How can I design my own barbie

The renaissance of the plastic doll : Crazy idea: American makes quarantine Barbies

For a long time it was the toy version of the ideal woman - but it was never realistic: Barbie. Countless children around the world grew up with her. But now an American is turning the perfect picture upside down: Tonya Ruiz has been designing realistic Barbie dolls since 2017 - and her "Quarantine Barbies" have now become a worldwide hit.

The first Barbie, with whom Tonya Ruiz caused a sensation on the Internet, will always be her favorite, she told the KURIER. The “Quarantine Starter Pack” contains one of the plastic dolls with memorable accessories: stretch pants, whiskey, snacks, wet wipes and toilet paper - among other things. "I like them the most because I fed myself through the quarantine," says Ruiz.

The American used to work as a model and was always annoyed by the unrealistic look of the toy dolls. “I noticed how ideals of beauty influenced my life. When I had kids later, I didn't want barbies in the house, ”she said in an interview. She didn't want her children to grow up thinking that they had to look like the plastic doll. Ruiz wrote and gave lectures on the subject of beauty ideals, and in the course of time also collected a few Barbies. But when her husband became a need for care, she gave up the job.

Years later, when her grandchildren were visiting, the box with the Barbies came out again. In the meantime a lot had happened in the toy market, there were curvy Barbies, big and small, in all skin colors and body shapes. The Mattel company did a good job, says Ruiz. She began to develop her own Barbie scenes, which she published on Instagram - and now, in the Corona times, a new idea developed. “I came across pandemic barbies on the Internet. I thought: That's funny, maybe I should design a Barbie that corresponds to my current life. ”The reactions to the“ Quarantine Starter Pack ”: gigantic. "Because I had a lot of time during the quarantine, I started making more and more parody Barbies."

There are now various sets. The "What time is it" edition includes a Barbie with dark circles and various pajamas, as well as mini snacks, a coffee machine and an alarm clock. The "Bread-Back-Barbie" contains baking ingredients - and is covered with flour from top to bottom. “Homeschooling Barbie” not only includes Barbie, but also four children, sweets, books and school supplies. And: There is also something for the men. As usual in the home office, “video conference Ken” is only clad on the top and decorated with babies and work equipment. All ideas are first collected, then Ruiz tinkers the individual parts. “Then I spend a day putting everything together and taking photos,” she tells the KURIER.

Newspapers around the world reported about the bizarre toys, millions of people love them. "I get comments from all over the world," says Ruiz. "Everyone can see themselves in the Barbies, because everyone has to do with some form of quarantine or lockdown." That people like their dolls also makes Ruiz happy. “There is a saying: a happy heart is as good as medicine,” she says. “I'm happy that my quarantine Barbies made people smile. I wish everyone good health! "