What color are red wing shoes


For centuries, red footwear was reserved exclusively for the king and pope. But times are changing: while the pontifex maximus shows himself in simple everyday treads on official occasions, red men's shoes are conquering the promenade of the metropolises.

From the Roman slippers to the pontifex maximus

The story of the red shoes begins in the Roman Empire. There, red-colored upper leathers were only available to the highest dignitaries and later also served the Pope as a status symbol. The lower classes had to be content with muted colors in classic earth tones, while slaves were completely denied the right to proper footwear - they were forced to do their work barefoot. In this way, they should also be easily recognizable by the rest of the population. But what makes red shoes so special?
In Christianity, the color red symbolizes the crucifixion and the blood of Christ and, in the form of red shoes, is part of the standard wardrobe of the head of the Catholic Church. At least up to Pope Francis I, who finally broke with the tradition of the red footwear and even celebrates high holidays in his street shoes. We have already shown in the earlier blog article "The Pope's Footwear" who was previously responsible for the Pope's shoes and why the current Pontifex maximus distanced himself from the red shoes. So this time we want to focus more on the present.

"No brown in town" - upper leather colors through the ages

In the 19th century, colored men's shoes in general and red men's shoes in particular were completely unthinkable at an evening party. True to the English etiquette rule of "no brown in town", the gentleman primarily favored black shoes. Brown footwear was generally associated with the rural area and was a gross faux pas at official receptions or an evening event. In fact, the aforementioned British idiom did not refer exclusively to shades of brown, but simply to all colors.
In the course of time, men’s fashion happily freed itself step by step from these and other conservative rules of behavior and today is proving its enthusiasm for new designs and even multi-colored shoes. However, the modern gentleman has rightly retained a certain restraint towards striking compositions. At least in Germany.
While British men already prefer to combine red shoes for work and leisure, these are still considered a real insider tip in Europe. The British shoe designer and fashion blogger Justin FitzPatrick has sworn by the extraordinary color of the upper leather for years and we too recently proudly presented a pair of classic cap-toe Oxfords in red among our welted shoe dreams. As is well known, a black Oxford is considered the most elegant men's shoe in the world - completely dyed in the red signal color, it makes an unmistakable fashion statement. So that the use of this special model does not end in the notorious color blocking, the big picture must of course not be lost - i.e. the right combination of shoes and clothing.

Combine red men's shoes correctly

One thing in advance. Red men's shoes inevitably attract everyone's attention. Therefore, the wearer should exercise particular sensitivity when combining them. The eye-catching upper leather color is easier to combine than one would apparently assume and - at least in less formal industries - it can also be worn in the office. As so often, however, the following applies here: less is definitely more. The focus should definitely be on the red footwear and not compete with other items of clothing.
Pants, blazers, belts and any accessories are based on the respective shade of red of the shoe. Fabrics in a dark shade of gray, black or navy blue are best - only the shirt should not follow the upper leather color, but should be matched to the suit. If you want to be on the safe side, opt for a classic white shirt. Tip: A red pocket square, a tie in a matching color or a classic bow tie skilfully pick up the red of the shoes and round off the appearance harmoniously.
In the leisure area, the combination of jeans, white and blue shirt, blazer and red shoes creates a fashionable highlight. But be careful: For important business appointments, the classic elegance of a classic black shoe is still recommended.