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Ford electric strategy in Europe Ford becomes an electric brand

The first MEB-based electric Ford will go into production in Cologne in 2023. In 2030, the brand only wants to sell electric cars.

Ford has announced that it will only offer purely electric vehicles in Europe from 2030. In the case of commercial vehicles, 75 percent of all cars will then be electric. Four years earlier, in 2026, there should be no series with “at least one battery-electric or plug-in hybrid variant”.

The automaker is investing one billion US dollars (currently around 830 million euros) in an “electrification center” in Cologne. Electric cars for the European market are to be developed and built here.

Electric car starts in Cologne in 2023

The first new electric car is scheduled to go into production in Cologne in 2023. This is supposed to be a volume model, which means that it has a lower price than the US import Ford Mustang Mach E. It costs from 46,900 euros. The technical basis of the new model is the MEB (modular electrical construction kit) from Volkswagen, which Ford will use as part of a licensing agreement. Ford plans to produce 600,000 cars over the product life cycle (seven to eight years).

It is quite possible that production of the small Ford Fiesta 2023 will be discontinued in the medium term in favor of the new electric car in Cologne. For the time being, it is supposed to come off the line there in parallel. The first European Ford model as a plug-in hybrid is the Ford Kuga. Due to problems with the traction battery, deliveries had to be stopped shortly after the market launch in early 2020. The Kuga Plug-in Hybrid first hit the streets towards the end of the year.

Full and plug-in hybrids

Ford also sells the Explorer imported from the USA as a plug-in hybrid. The Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid also has an electrified drive with an external charging option.

The Ford Mondeo is available as a full hybrid, as is the Kuga. Its drive train with 190 HP system output has now also been presented for the Vans S-Max and Galaxy. In the small and compact series Fiesta and Focus, Ford is currently limited to mild hybrids for gasoline engines.

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