What does DDS stand for sexually?


What is pansexuality?

The prefix "pan" comes from the Greek and means "everything". Similarly, pansexuality means that someone is emotionally, romantically, and sexually attracted to and can fall in love with people of any gender.

In the case of pansexual people, however, “gender” includes not only the binary genders man and woman but also any other gender identity of bisexual or homosexual women and men, through transsexual people to hermaphrodites (intersexuals, hermaphrodites).

Out of an inner need, pansexuals overcome the gender-based sexuality and choice of partner of traditional-conservative society. This sexual orientation is also referred to as anthrosexuality or omnisexuality. The only restriction: the desire relates only to adult people, so it does not extend across age or species limits.

What is the difference between pansexual and bisexual?

The difference between pan- and bisexuality is that pansexuals are attracted to different gender identities, while bisexual people find both sexes (sexually) attractive.

To be omnisexual means to break away from the binary sexes, while in bisexuality women define themselves as women and men as men. Often times, pansexual people describe their sexual orientation as bisexual for the sake of simplicity - and there is certainly an overlap. Many reject this term for themselves, however, because it is based on clear bisexuality.

What is the difference between polysexual and pansexual?

Easily explained by the prefix, the difference is that pan means “all” and poly means “many” - consequently, unlike pansexuals, polysexuals feel attracted to more than two gender identities, but not to all.

How do you know if you are pansexual?

Some people already feel in childhood that they do not want a heterosexual partnership and / or that there are other possibilities besides this to have a romantic or sexual relationship. For many, this feeling gets stronger and stronger as puberty progresses.

It is only after trying things out in heterosexual and homosexual partnerships that other people realize that there are other possibilities for them to love and desire. Mostly it also depends on how the environment deals with the issues of sexuality and identity, whether and how quickly one's own pansexuality is identified and accepted.

Many pansexuals feel that they do not fit into the classic pattern, but they lack a term to describe their orientation and / or they feel different and often at least initially insecure.

Sexuality in everyday life: what does it mean to be pansexual?

For a pansexual person, pansexuality means first of all that he recognizes that there are different sexualities, gender definitions and identities. Pansexuals are often very progressive, open people who question existing social values ​​and norms and advocate the right to an individual lifestyle.

To be pansexual, or to call oneself so, is on the one hand a description of a sexual orientation, but on the other hand it is also an inner attitude.

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