Why does Radiohead hate their song Creep

On Saturday (May 21st) Radiohead performed the second concert of their “A Moon Shaped Pool” tour and immediately messed up their setlist.

To the first encore, “Give Up The Ghost”, Thom Yorke also added a few bars of “Creep” on the acoustic guitar. Everyone knows that “Creep” was the band's first big hit, it was in 1993, and next to “Paranoid Android” (1997) it is probably still the most famous song of the group.

It is also known that Radiohead doesn't really like "Creep" and live performances of the piece are extremely rare. "Creep" was last performed in 2009, at the Reading Festival in England. Because the song was opened as an opener and the festival management sometimes expresses their wishes for the setlist, the idea is obvious: The band quickly played the song away, then it went to the main set.

The five musicians' “creep” disaffection was only partially carried over to the fans. Demands from the audience never die down, and the post-grunge piece, with its soft-loud change, definitely has qualities. Mainly because, like “My Iron Lung”, it stands for a different era - indie rock of the nineties.

When Yorke only plays “Creep” for a few bars, that's pretty childish - especially because many fans yearn for this piece, for example Jonny Greenwood's guitar breakout. Yorke annoys people - and gives food to those who only appreciate the electronic-inspired old work. Radiohead could have stowed “Creep” completely in the moth box.

Most importantly, it shows that Thom Yorke is ill-advised to manage his early legacy.

"Creep" at about 1:40.


1:18 AM - Burn The Witch
06:00 - Daydreaming
11:32 am - Decks Dark
16:33 - Desert Island Disk
21:05 - Ful stop
27:00 - Lucky
31:45 - There There
37:37 - Lotus Flower
43:07 - All I Need
47:55 - Talk Show Host
53:42 - Identikit
58:46 - The Numbers
01:04:29 - The Present Tense
01:10:15 - Separator
01:16:42 - Nude
1:20:57 AM - The National Anthem
01:25:47 - Hunting Bears (intermezzo)
01:27:15 - Everything In Its Right Place
01:35:12 - Give Up The Ghost
01:40:02 - "Creep" tease
01:40:32 - How To Disappear Completely
01:47:09 - Karma Police
01:52:00 - Bloom
01:58:10 - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
02:07:55 - Bodysnatchers
02:12:17 - Idioteque