Who were the Mongols and Turks

The Turkish Empire

Bumin and his ally Istämi together formed a true Eurasian empire that stretched from the Yellow Sea to the Urals. In the years from 555 to 590 the Turkish army reached the Caspian Sea and for the first time entered into relations with the Byzantines and the Iranians. The Turks managed to defeat the Chinese and demanded silk. The good relations with the Byzantines made it possible for them to receive ambassadors from Constantinople.

Such a great empire could only come into conflict and eventually be divided into two kingdoms: western and eastern. The division was caused by arguing princes and the rebellion of the conquered nations. The king of the Eastern Empire, Cat II, surrounded China and the Tang Dynasty at the beginning of the 7th century. The western Turks formed a confederation to please the residents of the area, but it broke up again. As a result, the Tang Dynasty established their hegemony over Central Asia in 630.

The Turkish Empire left many of its traces on stone formations, in writing. These scriptures, written in Old Turkish, tell us a lot about their religion and their lifestyle. They were pagans who practiced shamanism.

During the Tang Dynasty, the Turks fought the Koreans and Tibetans with the Chinese army ... But according to the stones, the Turks rebelled against them and founded the Second Turkish Empire. Because of their love for the blue sky, the Turks of the second kingdom called themselves "the blue Turkish tribe".

The blue Turks went back to the steppe and found themselves surrounded by their enemies: Chinese in the south, Karluks and Kyrgyz in the east. Because of the brilliant General Kül Tigin, they went to war and defeated them all. In this way it became the dominant power in Central Asia. During the time when the Bilge Khan, the General Kül Tigin and the ruler Tonyukuk ruled, the blue Turks found their way back to their traditions. The next generations lived quite in peace. The following Khan Yollig Tegin had many of the texts written down on the stone formations.

In 745 there was a civil war with the Uyghurs in the second Turkish empire. The Uighurs won the conflict and built their empire on that of the Turks.