What are the requirements to learn MuleSoft

Working together

Faster project start thanks to a central marketplace for your APIs and integration assets

Accelerate development work by reusing pre-built APIs, connectors, templates, samples and other integration assets.

Streamline collaboration with teams by rating and commenting on assets to improve quality, and create your own branded API portal to drive up the use and adoption of your APIs.

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Design and build APIs and integrations at the speed of light

Develop APIs and integrations much faster with reusable assets with a click or code, either via a web interface or in a desktop IDE.

Automatically transform data with machine learning-based recommendations, test your APIs and integrations, and join your CI / CD pipeline with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins.

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Optimal security

Automated security and threat protection at every level

Trust in conformity with ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS and the GDPR right from the start and automatically secure your company with ready-made guidelines of your own.

Protect sensitive data with format-preserving tokenization based on guidelines and define secure perimeter gateways around data, APIs, microservices and integrations.

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Problem-free implementation in the cloud and locally with just one runtime

Use Mule, a lean, scalable runtime engine for APIs, integrations and microservices. Implement locally, in the cloud or combine both methods.

Get 99.99% uptime with CloudHub, which handles over 60 billion transactions per month. Use the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker for implementation on AWS, Azure or locally with Runtime Fabric.

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Real-time insights and faster troubleshooting through a single interface

Check the health of your application network with a real-time graphical view of your APIs and integrations. Customize dashboards, API health tests, and notifications to monitor business-critical initiatives.

Reduce the average time it takes to troubleshoot APM, logging, and business metrics in one place

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Why thousands of enterprise companies choose the Anypoint Platform

Quick start, gets even faster over time

Automated security

Standard security and governance

Built-in reliability, scalability and visibility

Future-proof foundation

Flexible and designed for change

Customer experience report

Airbus achieves IT projects 4 times faster

“MuleSoft enables our developers to search and find, change, develop and implement APIs. Reusable assets bring benefits throughout the company and ensure faster, more cost-effective and properly scaled development. "

Chris Taylor, VP Digital Accelerator, Airbus

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