Is masturbation good for boys and girls

Can't think of anything but sex and wonder if you should jerk off? Masturbation is normal and important to getting to know your own body. You don't have to be ashamed of yourself for masturbation. On the contrary: Studies show that masturbating (another word for "masturbation") is healthy and even strengthens your immune system. After all, all of your pals do it, even if they may never talk about it. But how can you best satisfy yourself, what kinds of techniques are there and how is it most fun?

Masturbation: you need to know that

As a boy, you had your first ejaculation between the ages of ten and 16. But surely you started playing around with yourself when you were ten or earlier. So you can already masturbate or masturbate if you haven't had an ejaculation yet. You still come to orgasm, even if no semen comes out of your penis.

How often should you jerk off?

There is no norm of how often you jerk off - "normal" is as often as you feel like it. Some guys can have cravings like this ten times a day. But there are also adult men who need to masturbate every day, sometimes several times a day, sometimes less often. The frequency of masturbation ultimately differs from person to person and also depends on the phase of life, physical and psychological well-being. Scientists would rate it as healthy, when masturbating 3 to 5 times a week.

What's the best way to get one down?

An important prerequisite for having fun with yourself is a place where you are undisturbed. Make sure that you feel comfortable wherever you are doing "it". If you want to savor your pleasure for as long as possible, then you can use a lotion or lubricant when masturbating: This makes the stimulation much more exciting. Or you move your hand sometimes slower, sometimes faster, increase the excitement, let it subside again until you reach orgasm at some point.

Use both hands!

While you are arousing yourself with one hand on the penis, you can also try the following: Use the second to stroke your other excitable areas of the body, such as your nipples, your testicles or your inner thighs. You can also increase your lust through sexual fantasies. Or you use erotic photos to get in the mood. If you want to orgasm quickly because you want to get rid of stress or lust for sex, you can grip your penis tighter and move your hand up and down the shaft faster. If you are circumcised, you can use body lotion or lube to the easier it is to climax.

Can I also jerk off even though I'm in a relationship?

Even if you live in a relationship and, in addition to having sex with your partner, also masturbate yourself, this is completely normal. If you know that your girlfriend / boyfriend is masturbating - because masturbation is quite normal for girls too - you shouldn't be jealous about it. Because there is no reason to. If your partner does this, it has nothing to do with you or with your inadequacy for them. Rather, masturbation is a very special area of ​​sexuality.

The most popular sex fantasies when masturbating:

Here are a few more sex fantasies that can get you in the mood while masturbating. Maybe there is something for you too:

Photos and stories

Maybe photos of breasts, erotic underwear or sexy ladies showing lots of skin turn you on? You're not alone: ​​More than a third of the boys use sex books, nude photos or pornographic images as templates. 14 percent of boys prefer to let their imagination run wild with erotic texts.

Sex with your crush or partner

Almost as often as the girlfriend, the crush plays the main role in the boys' fantasies. More than a quarter of them fuel their pleasure in solo sex with the idea of ​​seducing the crush or being seduced by them.

Sex with a star

From well-known singers to actresses and athletes - the list can go on forever. Attractive stars help every fifth boy to relax.

No special performances

17 percent of boys do not think of anything in particular when they are masturbating: Instead of sexual fantasies, manual dexterity is required when masturbating.

Sex with a stranger

The idea of ​​having sex with total strangers is what makes 17 percent of guys special. That could be the sexy girl from the subway or the parallel class. After all, you don't know anything about them: so let your imagination run wild.

That is why masturbation is healthy!

Masturbating used to be considered immoral and even harmful to health. Total nonsense! Today we know that masturbation is healthy and important. Why? We reveal here.

  1. Masturbation relieves stress
  2. Regular jerking off will strengthen your immune system
  3. You train your penis and your stability
  4. You make room for new, fresh sperm
  5. You can learn to control your orgasm
  6. You are gaining muscle mass
  7. You're exercising your prostate
  8. You increase your desire for sex