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William B. Davis

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William B. Davis is the performer of Cigarette-Smoking Man on the series The X-Files - The FBI's Creepy Cases as well as in the first movie.


  • It was his William Davis Center for Actor's Study in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Davis is the Canadian national water ski champion in his age group and has long been practicing the sport as a hobby
  • Is spokesman for the Canadian Cancer Association (Canadian Cancer Society).
  • Wrote the script for episode 7ABX15 Cobra.
  • Was a professor at the Bishop's University, Canada before he did that William Davis Center for Actor's Study opened.
  • Davis used to be a smoker but quit in the late 1970s. While filming the X-Files, he smoked herbal cigarettes, which he hated. Crew members usually lit these for him. From season six, he insisted that they be lit by a small machine so they don't end up in someone else's mouth first.
  • Published his autobiography in 2011 entitled Where There's Smoke ... - Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man



"Well, I think it's obvious that CSM is the hero of the show. Surely, (laughs) surely it's obvious to everyone? I mean, Mulder's so impetuous, always flying off the handle, he's always waving his gun around. I mean, what kind of responsible citizen is he? (all spoken with a lovely gleam in his eyes, a smirk on his lips) CSM is always thoughtful, thinks things through, delegates responsibility ... I mean, clearly he has a handle on what's going on. " from X-Files Intern


1938 - 1992 | Before the X-Files

The former professor of acting at Bishop's University in Canada often played supporting roles in TV series such as "21 Jump Street - Tatort Klassenzimmer", "The Police Commissioner" or "MacGuyver" as well as minor supporting roles in films such as "Look who's talking" or the film adaptation of Stephen King's "It".

1993 - 2002 | During the X-Files

Davis used his free time to continue teaching at his drama school and for guest appearances in genre series such as "Poltergeist", "Sliders" or "First Wave". Davis was also on different ones X filesConventions as guests.

2003 - | According to the X-Files

William B. Davis hosted a screening on Steven Spielberg's in June 2003 Taken. In July 2003 he was seen in the play "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn in Montreal, Canada as Niels Bohr. In 2009 he wrote the foreword for the book The Philosophy of The X-Files.




Bill Davis appeared in the following X-Files-Episodes as CSM:

  • The X-Files Season 1: 1X79, 1X15, 1X20, 1X23
  • The X Files - Season 2: 2X01, 2X04, 2X06, 2X08, 2X22, 2X25
  • The X Files - Season 3: 3X01, 3X02, 3X10, 3X16, 3X21, 3X23, 3X24
  • The X Files - Season 4: 4X01, 4X07, 4X09, 4X10, 4X15, 4X21
  • The X-Files Season 5: 5X02, 5X03, 5X14, 5X20
  • The X-Files - Season 6: 6ABX01, 6ABX03, 6ABX11, 6ABX12, 6ABX22
  • The X-Files Season 7: 7ABX04, 7ABX11, 7ABX15, 7ABX22
  • The X-Files Season 9: 9ABX19 / 20
  • The X-Files Season 10: 1AYW01 The Battle, 1AYW04 Babylon, 1AYW06 The Battle Part 2
  • The X-Files - Season 11: 2AYW01 The Combat Part 3, 2AYW05 Ghouli, 2AYW10 The Combat Part 4

as well as in Resist or Serve (video game)

He also appeared in the X-Files as a CSM.
He was interviewed in




movie theater

  • (2006) The Messengers
  • (2005) Max Rules
  • (2004) Goose!
  • (2004) Lyon King
  • (2004) Snakehead Terror
  • (2003) Arbor Viate
  • (2002) Aftermath
  • (2002) Polished
  • (2002) Anthrax
  • (2001) Mindstorm
  • (2001) Out of Line
  • (2002) The Proposal
  • (1998) The X-Files - the Movie
  • (1998) The Last Tzaddik
  • (1998) Perpetrators of the Crime
  • (1996) Unforgettable
  • (1995) Dangerous Intentions
  • (1991) The Hitman
  • (1989) Look who's talking
  • (1985) Head Office
  • (1983) The Dead Zone


  • (1993-2002) X-Files
  • (2001) Andromeda (episode role)
  • (2002-2003) Smallville (episode role)
  • (2004) Kingdom Hospital (episode role)
  • (2006) Supernatural (episode role)


PC games

Awards & prizes

  • (2002) Nickel Independent Film and Video Festival | Best Actor


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