What does it mean to explore sexuality

Sex Drive & Sexual Maturation

At around the age of five, sexual behavior initially decreases and increases again later. From the age of nine to ten, interest in sexual topics grows - which can sometimes be presented in sexualized language. In the following years, the first sexual feelings set in. The susceptibility to sexual stimuli and related interests will then develop individually over the next few years and will be related to the hormonal changes during puberty.

Sexuality is omnipresent in the media and one's own sexuality is influenced by social norms and ideas conveyed by the media. Even children at a young age have access to sexual issues. Despite the early and far-reaching confrontation with sexuality, there does not seem to be any “early sexualization” of adolescents. The average age at first sexual intercourse among young people in Germany has not decreased in recent years. Around 65% of girls in Germany had sexual intercourse before they were 18 years old. The number has been constant for a long time.

Important aspects of psychosexual maturity are a responsible approach to sexuality, protection against unwanted pregnancies and against sexually transmitted diseases.