How good is IEM MBA

Industrial engineering and management

"Once again, many thanks to you and the entire team at the Fernstudieninstitut for the excellent support and study organization! I really enjoyed my studies and I am happy to stay in contact via the alumni network." Alexander Toppelreiter, May 2021
"I found the part-time study at the university to be very demanding, but also extremely varied. Demanding because the timely processing of the submitted tasks is sometimes not that easy during a normal full-time job. Varied because many different important subject areas are taught. Right from the start, the course has helped me to think outside the box of my own company and to look at personnel, technical and business problems from different perspectives. My goal of receiving practical training as a future manager in the company was fully achieved. The course is to be recommended without restrictions in terms of concept and organization. " Robert Witt, November 2020

"Due to the flexibility, it is quite possible to complete this distance learning course alongside your job, but the double burden is also a challenge. I found the selection of the course content mostly interesting and appropriate in terms of scope helped to change jobs.
Because of the predominantly good lecturers, I didn't see the seminars in Berlin as pure work and exam stress. They were definitely fun and a good change from everyday work. The support during the entire course was always quick and uncomplicated, especially during all the problems in the course of my master's thesis (including Corona).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FSI, all the lecturers and the reviewers for my master’s thesis, I have never regretted my decision to join the Beuth University! " Daniel Keggenhoff, October 2020

"Thank you for the great, uncomplicated and excellent support over the years. It has often made a lot of things easier for me, especially with regard to my stay abroad and all the back and forth. The support and communication was excellent at all times. I will FSI and Beuth have fond memories of them. " Christin Fröh, October 2020

"I would like to thank the entire FSI team for the great care and support during the entire study period. Thank you very much !!!
With Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sokianos and Prof. Dr.-Ing. I would also like to thank Springmann for the great support and for the very pleasant exam.
I will definitely recommend the university to others! " Georgios Pantelakos, October 2019

"A big thank you goes to the really great remote support during the first four semesters and the master's thesis. In addition to the special learning method, it was practicable to master the challenge of part-time studies. I was able to develop myself personally as a result of this Also open new doors professionally, which is why I will recommend the course with a clear conscience.
In Hamburg they say goodbye, hence a thankful "goodbye" at the end.Johannes Kops, September 2019

"The decision to take part-time distance learning in the" Industrial Engineering and Management "department was absolutely right for me, as the blended learning concept is very personal. The content of the course is diverse and was made clear both in the learning materials and in the face-to-face phases and prepared and conveyed in a practical manner, so that I have been able to access the course content several times in my professional activity.
With my master's thesis, it was possible to take up an operationally relevant issue and to work on it in such a way that the requirements for the scientific nature of a master's thesis are met and at the same time a direct practical benefit for the company results. In the context of a purely operational project, the topic would probably not have been processed and considered in such a scientific and detailed manner. The high practical value of the work results in the opportunity to present the topic in many cases in the company and to use this opportunity to establish important contacts and relationships for further professional careers.
For these reasons, I can only recommend the part-time master’s degree. However, one should be aware of the double burden of work and study, especially while working on the master's thesis.
I would particularly like to thank you for the excellent support of the FSI team throughout the course. " Stefanie Gentes, September 2019

"In 2015, I decided on Beuth or the FSI because of the IE content and the part-time training. My expectations have been fully met both professionally and organizationally. The subject experts as lecturers have ensured a high level of practical relevance, making the course attractive designed .... The support from the professors and the FSI are very good, so I can only praise this.
I am happy about my decision back then and can only recommend this step. Steffen Eggert, April 2019

"The study modules are very well structured and instructive. The teaching material is extensive and conveys a wide range of knowledge. This prepares you very well for the exams. The attendance phases take place in a very pleasant atmosphere and the teaching material is conveyed in a practical manner. The course is absolute to recommend." Andrej Propp, January 2019

"The contents of the course have helped me a lot in my professional activity. Often common practice is supported by the contents of the course with background information." Tobias Blumberg, August 2018

“The decision to take the Industrial Engineering distance learning course was absolutely right for me. The content is interesting and compiled to match a job in a large industrial company. The colorful mix of professors and lecturers from various companies makes the course realistic and tangible. The flexibility that the study concept brings with it made it a lot easier for me to complete my studies alongside a full-time position. The concentrated, intensive attendance phases that took place at the end of the semester also contributed to this. I always had a lot of fun meeting my fellow students there and hearing news from the various companies. The attendance phases were excellently organized by the team at the distance learning institute, and all other questions were always answered quickly and satisfactorily. Basically, I always felt that I was in very good hands with the FSI team. I would like to thank you once again for this support! In conclusion, I can only recommend the course. " Karen Kiefer, April 2018

"By studying to become an industrial engineer, I gained a lot of knowledge, which is very helpful in my role as a manager. I didn't expect it, but it is actually the case that during my day-to-day work I find the content of the course almost every day. This speaks volumes about the choice of module content!
The organization and constant support from the Fernstudieninstitut was always quick, efficient and professional - simply flawless!
In summary, the course was a very challenging project that paid off for me both professionally and personally.
Thank you FSI team! " Mikolaj Wiesiakowski, April 2018

"It was with great enthusiasm that I completed the master's degree in Industrial Engineering at the distance learning institute. Many factors contributed to this. First of all, the excellent support from the team at the distance learning institute should be emphasized, which was always friendly and competent to answer any questions The course of studies and the corresponding course content were designed in a very practical manner and conveyed in an understandable way. In this context, the Moodle platform was an extremely helpful communication tool. Furthermore, it is simply fun to exchange ideas with fellow students and to collect common experiences, which also balances distance learning and master daily work.
Overall, I can recommend the distance learning institute and the demanding master’s degree in Industrial Engineering without any restrictions. " Tim Schmidt, February 2018

"Studying alongside work is a challenge that should not be underestimated. At the beginning, I had great respect for the task of organizing family, work and studies. In addition to the professional challenge, it was important to use the limited private time as efficiently as possible. The employees of the distance learning institute were always of great help in solving this apparent conflict. Internal university application processes etc. were accompanied and controlled so that I could fully concentrate on the content of the course. Thank you for that!
The content of the course was characterized by a good mix of theory and practice. Interesting discussions and a real exchange of experiences between all those involved took place on an equal footing. In this way, even seemingly complicated issues could always be resolved within the group, be it via emails, phone calls or in person during the presence phases. The course was a challenge that not only helped me professionally but also personally. " Tilman Tzschoppe, November 2017

“First of all, thanks again, because looking back, this time was a very instructive time for me with many valuable experiences. I was always accompanied by a very competent and friendly team from the study administration. " Alexander Reichenberger, July 2017

"The support you have with questions, whether technical or organizational, is excellent with you. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the distance learning process was compared to my first degree. I found the communication and provision of content via the Moodle very positive. The coordination in the groups and questions about the curriculum could be done easily and promptly and the answers came very quickly. In summary, you are offering a great package and I would choose to study at Beuth University again! " Stefan Klein, October 2016

“In addition to the content, my decision to study the Industrial Engineering master’s degree was based primarily on the flexibility that was offered with only two attendance phases per year. So it was no problem to start studying with a resident in Mexico and to write the master's thesis in China. The support from the distance learning institute was consistently very good. During my stays in Mexico and China, I was able to submit submission tasks by email as PDF files and got them back corrected by email. The exchange of the semester order, a semester on leave or even the postponement of exams were also possible without any problems. The compatibility of the master’s degree with professional and private everyday life is made easy for you by the employees of the distance learning institute. Thank you for that and all the best for the further development of the course. " Malte Wittenbrink, August 2016

“Anyone who opts for an extra-occupational master’s degree needs, in addition to the necessary personal commitment, a university by their side that places great importance on organization, practical relevance and personal support during the degree. Looking back, I can say that I have found an excellent university in Beuth that I personally can only recommend. I would like to especially thank the team from the Fernstudieninstitut for their excellent support, from the first registration for the course to the master’s final examination. " Maik Duckert, January 2016

“After three years I successfully completed my master’s degree. I wanted to thank you and the entire team. You have always organized everything very well and everything always worked out well. I learned a lot and took a lot with me for my future career. " Bruno Rodrigues, November, 2015

“The challenge of starting distance learning alongside a demanding job seems quite high at the beginning. When I decided to start studying, I was particularly concerned with one topic; Writing a master's thesis in the last semester, taking into account the academic requirements of a university. After successfully completing the course, I have now noticed that with a little diligence but also with a lot of joy to get to know new people, the exams and the master’s examination can be mastered well. Today I can be proud of having successfully completed my master’s degree despite the daily tasks at work and the time with my family. " Enrico Daubitz, September 2015

“I would like to thank you once again for the great support throughout the entire course. If there was one thing you could be sure of, it was that one of you always had the right information or good advice. Since comprehensive personal support is becoming increasingly rare, I have particularly fond memories of yours.
The course itself was also very good, also in terms of organization, and I have fond memories of many of the lectures.
I can recommend your institute with a clear conscience. " Quay huts, June 2015

“Finally, I can only thank you very much for the great course! The structure of the industrial engineering distance learning course, the distribution of the material and the lectures and lecturers were superbly selected. The good distribution of the course of the individual semesters made it possible to cope with them while they were working.
The feedback on questions always came very promptly and the contact persons were always available and friendly. " Lena Ziegler, April 2015

"I would like to thank you again for the great support during the entire course. The inquiries were always answered competently and very quickly, so that you could always make good progress and study efficiently at all times. The content of the course was very many points of contact with the daily workflow, so I was able to apply what I had learned in practice right away. The coordination of the learning content in the individual semesters and presence phases enabled a good distribution of the workload and good coping in connection with daily work life. The contents are extremely interesting and exciting and have helped me not only professionally but also personally. I would resume my studies at any time and can recommend it at any time. " Marc Keller, March 2014

"Summary: The course had a large number of points of contact with my daily work due to its broad range of subjects. In this way I was able to apply the specialist knowledge acquired during my studies directly in my job, expand my personal qualifications in the direction of management and, in particular, add new, exciting areas to my field of work through the successful master's thesis. Oliver Kruse, March 2013

Selection of previous vintages: 

“The IE course presents itself as a well-rounded package of topics and content. The effort involved in the course is appealing and plausible.
The contact persons at the Beuth University provide optimal support for your studies - service and support are unparalleled! So 100% of the time to be spent goes into studying the topics and not into organizing the studies. " Jakob Schillinger, October 2011

“I look back fondly on the industrial engineering distance learning course. It has helped me both personally and professionally. During my studies, I was responsible at manager level for the technical quality of pharmaceuticals and medical products in a production plant. Immediately after graduating, I started working as a director for European projects in a biotechnology company.
My field of activity today is more varied, international and more interesting than ever before. The additional knowledge from the course is a perfect basis for this.
All in all, the course was a positive experience that I can recommend at any time. " Dirk Raubald, December 2009

“As a mechanical engineer (BA), it quickly became clear to me that further studies were necessary for my professional development. With the study areas ... many areas of a company are addressed, so that you are very well prepared for technical, business and personnel-related tasks.
So the time invested has paid off. " Sylvia Koethur, October 2008

“From my point of view, this course can almost be seen as ideal. It allows for part-time training, the information from these modules fits exactly to my professional situation, and the transfer of knowledge is of absolutely high quality. " Hans Flad, March 2008

“The course was a real enrichment, both professionally and personally. The files are nicely lined up on the shelf and surprisingly often serve me as a reference work of high practical value. " Jan-Philipp Müller, May 2006

“After working for a globally active Swiss pharmaceutical company for seven years, the course was particularly suitable. It ideally complements a pure engineering degree, as a broad spectrum of knowledge from all areas of industrial engineering and management is conveyed. In my case, this also gave me the opportunity to take on a position in middle management in a subsidiary in China (Shanghai). " Peter Groezinger, December 2005

“For me, the course paid off not only because of the international degree ... but above all because of the social skills acquired, the in-depth knowledge in the areas of communication and presentation and the network of fellow students on the course.
I can only highly recommend this distance learning course, as it has also set me on new paths professionally. " Michael Knoller, May 2004