How can i understand

Translation of "can I understand" in English

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I can understand


Some critics I can understandbecause they are real Democrats.
Yet I can understandthat some people think they are necessary.
Given the religious euphoria ... of recent times, I can understandwhy you want them.
And considering the Holy Roller Revelations party that seems to be going on lately, I can see why you might want them.
Yes, that too I can understand.
He wants out of here, that I can understand.
Given their clients I can understandwhy she would want to keep her life private.
Well, given her clientele, I can understand why she'd want to keep her life private.
That you don't like me I can understand.
They were beside themselves, that I can understand.
Me that I can understandbut these people are your family.
Based on your story I can understandwhy you don't want to respond to your offer.
Given your history, I can understand why you wouldn't want to take her up on her offer.
Well. HR problems I can understand.
From this point of view I can understandto be honored.
Naturally I can understandthat it is of great importance to you.
Now I can understandwhy someone would pay $ 100,000 for it.
Well, on second thought, I can see how someone would pay $ 100,000 for those.
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