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With the following calculator you can determine the child support right here. You can find many tips on using the calculator and a calculation example on the special page with the child support calculator.

In the further course of the page we answer the 10 most important questions about child maintenance, including how exactly the entitlement is calculated and what role the Düsseldorf table plays in child maintenance.

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  • 01.What is the child's maintenance claim based on?

    In Germany, minors and young adults who are not yet financially on their own can claim maintenance from their parents. This right is already anchored in the family law of the civil code.

  • 02. How are the maintenance claims regulated if one parent no longer lives with the family?

    In an intact family, mother and father look after the offspring together, provide love and security and at the same time take care of accommodation, nutrition and education. In the language of lawyers, this is also recorded as support in kind. This settles the child's maintenance claim. When parents separate, it is the children in particular who suffer. Often it is the father who leaves the family. Then not only is there a lack of income to care for the offspring, but also an important caregiver whom the daughter or son can use for orientation. The parent, with whom the child continues to live, not only provides their support in kind, but also usually takes on the upbringing. According to statistics, around 20 percent of all families in Germany are small families in which single parents look after their offspring (source: In most families it is the mother. The offspring are then entitled to cash maintenance from their father. If the payments are not made voluntarily, the claims must be enforced in court. In these disputes, the amount of maintenance is then determined. The age of the child is taken into account as well as the father's total maintenance obligations and his income situation. In the case of children, their income is also taken into account.

  • 03. How long does the maintenance obligation exist?

    In principle, parents must look after their children until they reach the age of majority, i.e. until they reach the age of 18. But even sons and daughters of legal age are still entitled to maintenance if they are still in training, studying or going to school. However, parents are not indefinitely dependent on maintenance. The offspring must make serious efforts to complete their initial training and earn a living themselves. If several training courses are broken off or the student is unnecessarily delayed, the maintenance claim will be denied.

  • 04. How is child support calculated according to the Düsseldorf table?

    The Düsseldorf table is the guideline for calculating child support in Germany. It applies to both underage children and young adults who are still living with their parents (or one of the parents). However, adults who are already living independently are entitled to a minimum amount. This is currently (as of 2021) at 860 euros.

    The Düsseldorf table is adjusted annually to reflect current developments in Germany. Half of the child benefit may be deducted from the amounts mentioned here if the mother (or father) receives it for the minor child living in the household. The Düsseldorf table is always designed for exactly two dependents. If there are several children, there are small discounts. The table names the maintenance claim with which the regular costs of everyday life are to be covered. In addition, there may be an entitlement to compensation for additional or special needs, for example through very high drug costs, school trips or high childcare costs.

    Düsseldorf table 2021 (requirement rates)
    Income group at
    Net income
    Age levels in yearsDemand con
    troll amount
    0-56-1112-17from 18
    10 to 1,900 €393 €451 €528 €564 €
    2€ 1,901 to € 2,300413 €474 €555 €593 €1.400 €
    3€ 2,301 to € 2,700433 €497 €581 €621 €1.500 €
    4€ 2,701 to € 3,100452 €519 €608 €649 €1.600 €
    5€ 3,101 to € 3,500472 €542 €634 €677 €1.700 €
    6€ 3,501 to € 3,900504 €578 €676 €722 €1.800 €
    7€ 3,901 to € 4,300535 €614 €719 €768 €1.900 €
    8€ 4,301 to € 4,700566 €650 €761 €813 €2.000 €
    9€ 4,701 to € 5,100598 €686 €803 €858 €2.100 €
    10€ 5,101 to € 5,500629 €722 €845 €903 €2.200 €
    from € 5,501 according to the circumstances of the case

    If the income exceeds this, the maintenance will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

  • 05.What is the performance as a prerequisite for the maintenance payment?

    People liable for maintenance can only meet the demands if they generate income themselves, i.e. if they are productive. They have to do everything in order to be gainfully employed. Anyone who is dependent on several children or other people even has to work an above-average amount to meet the requirements. This also includes taking up a second job. Those who are able to work have to do that too - those who want to rest on state benefits and thus save on maintenance have bad cards. Although children up to the age of 12 receive an advance maintenance payment from the youth welfare office, the office demands this back from the person liable for maintenance. If the claims are named, they only become statute-barred after 30 years! If you do not pay voluntarily, your employer will also seize your wages.

  • 06. How much deductible does the person liable for maintenance have to leave?

    Even those who have to pay maintenance can keep part of their income for their own needs. This deductible also depends on who is making the maintenance claims. In the case of maintenance obligations towards children, it is currently

    • 1,160 euros if the person liable for maintenance is gainfully employed
    • 960 euros if he is not gainfully employed
    • 1,400 euros if he has to pay maintenance to children of legal age who live in their own household.

    If a person liable for maintenance cannot satisfy all maintenance claims while maintaining his deductible, one speaks of a deficiency case.

  • 07. Is the net income used as the basis for calculation?

    The starting point for calculating the maintenance claim is the adjusted net income of the father or mother, if they are obliged to pay. Dependent persons may request to inspect the proof of earnings. Salaried workers must present their pay slip. In the case of self-employed persons, the income tax returns for the last three years are used.

    This is how it is calculated:

    Proven net income3.000 €
    + Other income (e.g. rent)300 €
    - 5 percent work-related effort (minimum 50 euros, maximum 150 euros)150 €
    Adjusted net income3.150 €
  • 08.What has to be done if the maintenance is not available?

    The legal representative of minor, dependent children is the legal guardian. If the payments are not made, the child must take care of the interests of the child. The youth welfare office, which also advances maintenance for children up to 12 years of age, also helps. Family courts are very often concerned with complaints about lack of child support. If the amounts have been given a judgment, they are enforceable. Then wages and accounts are threatened. By the way, titled maintenance claims of underage children do not expire.

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