What are the Scariest Found Footage Movies

Scary Movies: The Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made

  • 28 days later

  • I found the ring very scary!

  • Hostel

  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil,
    Get Out,
    "Conjuring" I and II,
    Paranormal Activity

  • Long Island Cannibal Massacre

  • Get out

  • As a teenager I saw “Poltergeist” and “The Fog”. That was very scary!
    Today IT is my scary favorite!
    Best wishes

  • Mulholland Drive - Street of Darkness by David Lynch

  • At first I wanted to answer “Daniel, the magician”, but we don't want it to be that scary. An actual horror film, however, shaped me like no other, unfortunately also because I secretly watched it for the first time when I was 9 years old. We're talking about Stephen King’s "IT". A clown, actually a symbol of humor and joy. But then he suddenly sits in the drain of a peaceful settlement and eats children. That developed a deep fear in me of the made-up circus artists and definitely marks the climax in horror film history.

  • The exorcist

  • Personally, I found REC extremely scary!

  • Dance of the Demons (1990)


  • 1. Martyrs
    2. Eden Lake
    3. Frontier (s)

  • IT

  • Pet Sematary

  • Insidous

  • Jeepers creepers part 1

  • Evil Clutch (1988)

  • All parts of Sisi

    • Others will see it differently, but it's always a matter of taste :)

  • currently Sinister ..

  • The 1988 blob

  • The Hills have eyes

  • IT

  • Braindead

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  • A Tale Of Two Sisters (South Korea 2003)

  • The Angel Face - Three Nights of Horror 1982

  • 1988 Scarecrows

  • It

  • ES - I am surprised that the editorial staff did not name it ... If I had looked at it as a child, I would have had years of nightmares - but I was good. I also love the remake with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise!
    THE GRUDGE - THE CURSE - that sound! I get scared if I do it myself :)
    SILENT HILL - I already know exactly why I never played this on the PC or the console! Even the film doesn't give you a minute to breathe ...

    Noteworthy mentions of modern times: REC (Span.Orig.), Ruins, Creep, House of 1000 Leichen / The Devil’s Rejects

    CASTLE ROCK - Stephen King didn't write it, but produced it and is a fan of the series myself - me too!
    THE STRAIN - Interesting reinterpretation of the vampire myth. Samweis Gamgee as a CDC employee - great.
    STRANGER THINGS - Not a “horror” per se, but still very exciting and sometimes frightening

  • From Dusk Til Dawn

  • The thing from another world

  • The exorcist

  • My favorites:
    - The night of the corpses on horseback
    - The Evil Dead
    - Dawn of the Dead

  • Cemetery of the Stuffed Animals in the original not the sequel. Taught me creep as a child. "You want to play Mummi". The idea of ​​a pet coming back like this didn't make me fall asleep.
    Greetings Nadine

  • Sinister is definitely number 1 among the horror films for me.

  • the Mummy

  • Pet Sematary

  • I'm actually not a fan of the found footage genre at all, but I really liked “Noroi - The Curse” and it has such an oppressive atmosphere that I sometimes felt icy shivers when I looked at it that night.

    "The Village of the Damned" (1960) and "Until the Blood Freezes" (1963) lead me to the top of the absolute horror classics.

  • Zombie Ghost Town (1981)

  • "Cemetery of the cuddly toys", I'm already looking forward to the remake ... ;-)

  • The Fog from 1980

  • At Silent Hill, I always shudder.

  • Exorcist

  • For me, Hitchcock remains the master of horror
    no matter if Mrnie
    The birds or
    The window to the courtyard

  • So for me it is and will be “HALLOWEEN” with Michael Myers. If, as a 12-year-old, you secretly watch the HALLOWEEN video cassette, then that definitely shapes you! Michael really scared me and the score is just world class!

  • 1. It
    2. Faces of Death
    3. Halloween

  • Martyrs from 2008.
    Very blatant and extreme

  • The birds
    by Hitchcock

  • The Asians manage to pull in a psychological level that terrifies me miserably:

    1. A tale of two sisters
    2. The grudge
    3. The ring

    Of course, always the original version, not the western adaptation.

  • 1. Cemetery of the cuddly toys (the old version, the little boy with a scalpel follows me every time)
    2. The Exorcist (a brilliantly played one!)
    3. Misery (so perfidious, super played by Kathy Bates)

  • My favorite is American Horror Story

  • A Serbian film was very macabre
    Silent Hill

  • The exorcist

  • My favorite is "It" by Stephen King

  • The omen was really blatant

  • The exorcist was utterly creepy

  • The exorcist

  • Shining
    The Ring

  • CLEAR mirrors

    WHAT'S INSIDE. :::. ?




  • IT

  • Psycho, ES and Der Exorcist and Sieben are my favorites

  • The Fog - fog of horror

  • Bair Witch Project from 1999

  • The nastiest I've ever seen was Silent Hill.
    My absolute, by far, favorite film is BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA.

  • I thought Orphan was good, but unfortunately the end disappointed me.

  • SAW

  • For me, "The Others" is the scariest movie.

  • Remake of ES

  • Clive Barker's "Hellraiser"
    ... even if many of Cronenberg’s films and of course “The Nightbreed” by Barker are knocking on top of the podium;)

  • Blair witch projects 1 and 2 are very disturbing and are one of my favorite horror films.

    THE CONJURING and last but not least


  • I've always found the old, not yet censored, dance of the devils really scary and terrifying.

  • Haunted Hill is mine because it is so real and I keep creeping up :)

  • The Blair Witch Project

  • Titanic so many times I had to watch the movie the greatest horror for me

  • Wow. I found the Spanish horror film “Fragile” totally scary. For me, Insidious (I watched it alone in a dark house in Texas) and Saw are part of it.

  • Silent Hill

  • The exorcist is my favorite.

  • IT.

  • 1. Lights out - in one scene during the film, my projector got out and the only thing I could hear was the waving of the bass .. spooky
    2. Insidious
    3. Paranormal Activity I.

  • For me "The Exorcist"

  • The exorcist

  • DRAG ME TO HELL (2009)

  • Scream the cult of my youth

  • Original dance of the devil


  • The beast of Monte Christo Castle. old Italian classic from the 60s, saw it in the early 70s and since then it has never been on TV as far as I can remember. Had already inquired about several channels, but unfortunately they had or do not have a license to broadcast, what a shame

  • Nightmare on Elm Street

  • IT based on the book by Stephen King

  • I found IT from 1990 very scary back then.
    Since you are already looking at the environment today
    a lot is used to, it needs more today
    to scare you. But it's still my favorite.

  • Conjuring 1 & 2 with the best!

  • The exorcist

  • I always have my worst horror experience with the first two parts of paranormal activity. I can't go to bed alone then - disgusting and they're not even good
    i have loved gate undergrounds since childhood and love the old 80s horror films. remakes are really horrible to me, but I also think summer of 84, which was made by the rkss heroes last year, is really great.

  • Well, there would be:
    - Fog of horror
    - It
    - Zoolander :-)

  • Hi, my TOP3 films are:
    - The Descent
    - Conjuring
    - The Ring


  • "28 Days Later"

  • -House of 1000 corpses
    -The Devil’s Reject
    -Ichi the Killer (be careful super sick movie)

    My favorites with "Ichi the Killer" being the most disturbing movie I've ever seen. Have fun: D

  • The following are very good: irreversible
    The misanthropist
    The killing of a sacred deer

  • wrong turn is my darling

  • My top three:

    1. Lights Out - The feeling that something is lurking in the shadows> __ <
    2. Annabel - I hate dolls ...
    3. Signs - Because my house is in the middle of corn fields and especially when the corn is high and you have to walk past it in the dark, every rustling is a small heart attack!

  • I found IT pretty scary as a teenager.

  • The thing

  • I think "Shining" with Jack Nicholson from 1980 is great and still think it's creepy today.