Is there a natural treatment for lipomas

Homeopathy for a lipoma

In principle, a lipoma does not require any treatment because it is a benign growth of Adipose tissue cells which usually does not cause any complaints, only degenerates in a few exceptional cases and often even resolves spontaneously on its own. That is why most lipomas are left in the body and only operated if they represent a major cosmetic burden for the person concerned or cause pain. Many patients who do not want to undergo an "unnecessary" operation for the reasons mentioned above, have a Lipomabut still find it disturbing, resort to homeopathic remedies. The idea behind this form of treatment is that the fatty tumors arise when the fatty tissue of those affected is excessively strong Poisons and Metabolic end products it reacts with cell proliferation, as this type of tissue is one of the weak points in the human body. So it should therefore help to detoxify the body in general (purifies). This can be done using a balanced healthy diet, Fastand the Avoid of mental and Environmental pollution respectively.

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