Where can I buy Theo chocolates


Making the best chocolates is an art. You need high-quality fine cocoa beans that are gently roasted, then ground, rolled and perfectly conched - the result can be very good chocolate!

But the best chocolate in the world? This is of course always a question of taste. The taste and aromas of chocolate are just as exciting as with a good wine. For example, compare different chocolates with 75% cocoa content made only from cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar.
You can find mild varieties, chocolates with fine roasted aromas or fruity chocolates. In our range, we place particular emphasis on natural raw materials and chocolates without additives. Try a piece of chocolate, close your eyes and slowly let the chocolate melt in your mouth. Little by little the wonderful cocoa aromas unfold in your mouth, let yourself be enchanted by the fine aromas of high-quality chocolates. This is how you are sure to find your personal "Best Chocolate"!

Every year the "Best Chocolate in the World" is honored at the International Chocolate Award. These include manufacturers such as Friis Holm and Bonnat. But many other chocolates can also look forward to prizes. You can find many of the award-winning chocolates here.

Which cocoa varieties do you differentiate?

In the past, the main cocoa varieties, the Criollo, Trinitatio and Forastero, were used. This hypothesis has been refuted by genetic research. Today we know that there are much more than just three main types of cocoa.
Gene study showed that there are more than ten groups. The varieties are called Amelonado, Contamana, Criollo, Curaray, Guiana, Iquitos, Marano, Nacional, Nancy and Pures.

The cocoa variety Chuncho is one of the oldest cocoa varieties that is rarely found.
There is a multitude of crossings of these places of origin, these are mostly referred to as Trinitatio. This results in over 1000 cultivated varieties with very different characteristics.


Fine chocolates made from fine cocoa varieties

Let yourself be enchanted by the fine cocoa varieties such as Criollo, Porcelana, Apotequil or the original cocoa Chuncho.

Here you will find a high-quality chocolate selection from well-known chocolate producers such as Bonnat, Amedei, Domori, Original Beans, Friis Holm, Orfeve, Blanxart and Conexion.
Our range includes chocolates from Chocolate Tree, Kacau, Kilian & Close from Waren, Pumpstreet Bakery, Marou, Pralus, Chocolate Naive, Casa Kakau and Choco del Sol.
Swiss chocolates from Original Beans and Chocolatier A. Morin, which, like the Bonnat chocolates, received the highest ratings from the chocolate tester Georg Bernardini.

The Kuna chocolates, which are made directly in Ecuador, are impressive.
Fine creations with fruits and dark chocolate can be found in the Ocelot chocolates from Edinburgh and the Kacau chocolates, which are produced "Tree-to-Bar" in Ecuador. Other tree-to-bar manufacturers include Soklet (India), Tibitó (Colombia) and the Grenada Chocolate Company

Georgia Ramon, the joint company run by Georg Bernardini and his partner Ramona Gustmann, enrich the chocolate scene with their organic chocolates. Also try the brittle confectionery from La petite Marquise.

Refined chocolates - fruits, nuts & Co

White chocolates, milk chocolates and dark chocolates with nuts, almonds, salt, pepper, chilli or dried fruits are popular with many people.
In recent years, however, we have been delighted with great chocolate creations, such as the award-winning chocolates from Omnom in Reykjavik.

We were immediately impressed by the milk chocolate "Porcini" with porcini mushroom flavor from Chocolate Naive from Lithuania.

Dark chocolates, milk chocolates, white & refined

You will find over 700 CHOCOLATES in our range. You can order French Bonnat chocolates & the best Swiss chocolates from Original Beans directly online.

Fermentation & drying

After the harvest, the cocoa beans have to go through a long fermentation process, during which the color of the cocoa bean changes and the aromas are already developing. For this purpose, the cocoa beans are filled into boxes or a fermentation box. Fermentation is a fermentation in which the temperature increases. For the development of the flavors, it is crucial that the cocoa beans are regularly rearranged. The pulp flows off, the color slowly turns brown. This process takes between 5 and 16 days. After fermentation, the beans are slowly dried to remove mold and unwanted organisms, then the cocoa beans are sorted by hand.
Cocoa beans are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. They have natural antioxidants.

Sorting & pre-cleaning

After sorting the cocoa beans, the beans are pre-cleaned and then roasted. In addition to fermentation, roasting also has a significant influence on the development of the chocolate's aroma. Every cocoa variety needs an individual roasting temperature and roasting time.

Breaking & roasting

The cooled cocoa beans are broken using rollers in the so-called crusher. The cocoa shells are blown away by a fan. What is left is cocoa nibs (broken cocoa nibs).

Milling & conching

The cocoa nibs are ground, which is often done traditionally in stone mills or with modern mills. The mass obtained in this way can be processed directly into chocolate or it is pressed and thus cocoa mass and cocoa butter are separated.

When mixing, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and other ingredients such as sugar and milk powder are added.

Then the rolling takes place, the ingredients are further mixed and the mass receives the desired degree of fineness. In the production of raw chocolate, only cold rolling is used.

When conching, the chocolate mass is further mixed at a higher temperature and a fine, creamy mass is created. The art of conching consists in perfectly preserving the fine aromas of the chocolate.

Tempering & pouring

Tempering plays an important role in further processing, because the chocolate should have a nice melt and shine. The chocolate mass is heated to approx. 45 ° C, then cooled to 28 ° C and then heated again to approx. 32 ° C. The mass is poured into chocolate molds and allowed to cool.