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Vorarlberg biogas

Vorarlberg biogas is climate-friendly and up to 100% is obtained from Vorarlberg bio-waste.

We turn your organic waste into a source of energy! Vorarlberg biogas is obtained entirely from biogenic waste from the region. Environmentally friendly energy - from Vorarlberg for Vorarlberg. With a 20 percent share of biogas, you are helping to sustainably improve the environmental balance.

Renewable energy from locally available waste / residues is climate-neutral and can be stored year-round in the natural gas network. No additional investment in the heating system is required.

You do not need to make any additional investments to convert to biogas. Your heating system does not have to be adapted to convert to biogas. The contractually agreed proportion of biogas is fed in via the Vorarlberg natural gas network.

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The advantages of Vorarlberg biogas

Biogas is a domestic product

  • It is made from biogenic raw materials - from Vorarlberg for Vorarlberg
  • Added value remains in the country

CO2 neutral + storable

  • Natural cycle When burning biogas, only as much carbon dioxide is released as the plant has previously withdrawn from the environment
  • Raw materials for VKW Vorarlberger Biogas are biogenic household waste, green waste, liquid manure and agricultural residues
  • The resulting raw biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and fed into the natural gas network
  • 1 kWh of energy can be obtained from just 1.3 kg of biogenic household waste

Flexibility + stability

  • No regenerative energy source is as flexible and reliable as biogas - unlike wind or sun, it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • From a technical point of view, it makes no difference whether you use natural gas or biogas

Vorarlberg biogas 20

20% biogas and 80% natural gas
Consumption price energy per kWh (net)

3.20 ct

Total consumption price per kWh ¹

5.75 ct

Base price per year (net)

24,00 €

Total base price per year ¹

91,44 €

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Vorarlberg Biogas100

100% biogas
Energy consumption price per kWh (net)

5.97 ct

Total consumption price per kWh ¹

9.08 ct

Base price per year (net)

24,00 €

Total base price per year ¹

91,44 €

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¹ including network costs, taxes and 20% VAT.

Valid from April 1st, 2021 in the Vorarlberg network area.

For detailed price information, please refer to our product sheet in the downloads.
The energy prices are secured on the basis of independent indicators. Further information can be found at

The delivery takes place according to the general natural gas delivery conditions of illwerke vkw AG for household customers and small businesses.

If you are up forVorarlberg Biogas100 interested, please contact our customer service directly at+43 5574 9000 or[email protected]

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