Is cheese sweet or hearty?

The recipe booklet: this is how it works
Even if we're a bit tired here in the north, forgetting recipes is a thing of the past! Have you discovered something that you absolutely want to enjoy? Then put it in your notebook! They are saved here with a click on the icon. So nothing is lost and you can sizzle away.

Moin, recipes are only saved on the respective devices.

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Good to know:

Cookies gone, cookbook gone!

If you delete your cookies, the recipes you have collected will also disappear from the notebook. So better save or print out beforehand, then nothing is wasted.

Important: Your recipes are only saved on the device that you used for them. Do you save a recipe e.g. B. on your smartphone, you can only find it there. If you need it on your laptop, just save it there again.

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