How can I hack into Facebook

The point is to get as many Facebook accounts as possible. You can do a lot with it. It's about getting a friend list of people who trust this account. And then there are messages like: "Warning, my account has been hacked" or "Warning, I have been a victim of fraud and need 500 euros quickly. Who can help me?". Then some account number is given. It's about stealing money.

The second problem is: Anyone who can access the Facebook account may also come to the user's email address. This in turn means that if you have access to an e-mail account, you can gain access to all possible accounts using the so-called account reset function. You click on "Forgot your password" and you will then receive a control e-mail to your e-mail account. This can be used to reset the password. The hackers then work their way through many different accounts and can take over the entire identity.

Therefore it is very important, if an account has been hacked,

  • to respond immediately
  • to reverse that immediately and
  • to have the account blocked.

It depends. Usually this all happens fully automatically - these are scripts that run in the background. It is not a person who then immediately takes over this account by hand. Therefore it may be that nothing happens for two weeks after such news.

That's why you should try to get into your Facebook account immediately, if you still can. Then immediately change the password and immediately set up so-called two-factor authentication on the account. This is an additional level of security.

Holger Bleich, editor of the computer magazine c't

Whenever you want to log on to a new computer, you get a six-digit code sent to your mobile phone, which you also have to enter. In other words, the cell phone is another layer of security without which you cannot access your account.

Source: Holger Bleich