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Send bulk SMS worldwide via the web with Excel import

Send bulk SMS and bulk SMS with LOX24

Bulk SMS simple, fast and uncomplicated

Bulky SMS are one of the best tools for customer acquisition - and above all, customer loyalty. You can reach your potential customers directly and easily via bulk SMS, and in contrast to e-mails, sales letters, posters and TV spots, group SMS enjoy special attention or how often do you not read your SMS?

SMS campaigns are not only taken into account, they also enable direct interaction with the customer. This turns the usual monologue of advertising into a more effective dialogue that helps you to significantly increase your sales. Because with us you can get answers to your Receive bulk SMS!

Regardless of whether you have already gained some experience with SMS marketing or are breaking new ground, we are the right partner for sending bulk SMS. We offer you an extremely reliable and at the same time cost-effective service and, as a "white label" service provider, meet all the requirements for successful customer communication for a large number of well-known customers who send large volumes of SMS through us.

Bulk SMS with LOX24

  • Simultaneous sending of any number of SMS
  • Easy import of numbers and data in SMS groups
  • Use of individual distribution lists / groups
  • Personalization of SMS texts
  • Deferred appointment dispatch possible
  • Identification of invalid numbers
  • Simple web interface for PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Free Windows software with import function
  • Up to 1530 characters per SMS through linked SMS
  • Sending group SMS to 880 networks worldwide
  • German data protection for your phone numbers
  • 24/7 premium support for your bulk SMS sending

Import numbers

Our system can automatically process text files and Excel (CSV) files. You can easily create a CSV file with your numbers and any other data with Excel. You can then simply save your Excel table with the recipient numbers as a CSV file. We would be happy to explain how this is done.

If your numbers are in a different form, we will of course be happy to help you import them free of charge. Just talk to us and we will do the import for you.

Personalized bulk SMS

Do you have any other data besides your customer number? For example, the name of your customer? You can have this data inserted into the SMS text automatically and without additional effort. Through this personalized individual Bulk SMS you will achieve even greater attention and give customers the feeling that you have been informed personally. Insert individual locations, customer numbers, dates or the like in the text. Regardless of the data, our system can insert it at the required text passage, suitable for the recipient.

Dialogue through SMS-MO (inbound)

You can not only send SMS with us. Your customers can also reply to this SMS. You can receive the answers by e-mail or simply view them in your inbox in your web interface. This allows customers to react directly to their bulk SMS and, for example, confirm appointments, place orders or ask for a callback.

Enter into a dialogue with your customers and use the customer's low inhibition threshold to send an SMS reply.

Send bulk SMS over the web

Sending a bulk SMS via your LOX24 customer account is very easy. After logging in, you will find the two entries “Groups” and “New SMS” in the menu. Under "Groups" you can import your existing numbers and addresses and organize them in different distribution lists. You can change, delete or add individual numbers to keep your data up to date. Under “New SMS” you can send your SMS to one or more such distribution lists or import a file with your numbers directly. Then enter your text and you can send your bulk SMS. You can also add other customer data to the text, e.g. B. the name, personalize.
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