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ADJUSTING SCREWS - End of freedom! Citizen is looked after to death with censorship and rules of conduct


1 9th volume number 9/2020 Basel, September 2020 BLN / 9th volume number 9 / Basel, September 2020 INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE WITH THE LATEST REPORTS AND ANALYZES PUBLISHED BY ROLAND KELLER STELLSCHRAUBEN - End of freedom! Citizens are looked after to death with censorship and rules of conduct. Mass immigration initiative: A sovereign state must be able to control its immigration itself! Navalny No logic in the accusations of the West against Russia Lock step the incredibly far-sighted pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation The ingenious Trinity Objective of the SARSCov-19-2 political terror

2 9th volume number 9/2020 Basel, September 2020 BLN / 9th volume number 9 / Basel, September 2020 INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE WITH CURRENT REPORTS AND ANALYZES PUBLISHED BY ROLAND KELLER - the magazine from Basel - independent of the center of Europe. inconvenient, inappropriate, open to other opinions Note: is a free publication platform. The contributions exclusively represent the opinions of the authors. The opinion does not necessarily have to reflect that of the editors.

3 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 TOPIC Adjusting screws for a new society A fictional connection between masks, cartels and conspiracies. Large-scale brainwashing is the attempt at re-education from above without the need for a law passed by parliament. An example of how the Cloward-Piven Strategy is efficiently applied to our society. Never waste a good crisis - or create one! By Roland Keller Mass Immigration Initiative: A sovereign state must be able to control its immigration itself again! The present initiative is only about whether Switzerland will be able to manage immigration independently again in the future. A YES would mean that Switzerland has to negotiate with the EU, that we can again set annual maximum numbers and determine who is allowed to immigrate to our country and who is not. By Luzi Stamm POLITICS Golden 30 years are coming to an end Now inflation comes with howling and chattering teeth first in the USA, then also in our country. The SNB will let them go. For a full 30 years, an entire generation, the national banks, like the Swiss one, have placed the fight against inflation in the foreground. This resulted in a global stock market miracle because it laid a stable foundation for the economy. Comment by Klaus Stöhlker The greatest danger for our society: are the reactions of the government to non-existent or insignificant threats and the negation or trivialization of real threats. By Markus M. Müller ECONOMY step in step the incredibly far-sighted pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation Many find Event 201 creepy, the role-play exercise about a corona pandemic, which the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum weeks before the start of the Covid- 19 pandemic. The Rockefeller Foundation's lock-step scenario from It reads like a script for the political processes during the pandemic we are currently going through.

4 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 PRESS / FREE OPINION Without serious military security, there is no prosperity. “No prosperity without security” by NZZ editor-in-chief Eric Gujer. Comment on the article in the NZZ (No. 182 of August 8, 2020) The USA wants to withdraw troops from Germany, which worries the editor-in-chief of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung very much. It would be good if the US withdrew from Europe. Then, in the event of war, Europe would not be the scorched earth battlefield. Free opinion: FDP Germany Wolfgang Kubicki says: The Berlin Senator for the Interior reveals a dubious understanding of democracy when he points out, in little clauses, that unpopular political currents are granted fewer democratic rights. In case of doubt, the democratic state has to endure that even enemies of the constitution can take to the streets to demonstrate, provided they do not behave illegally. By Roland Keller CULTURE / SOCIETY On August 9, 2020, the new Switzerland awoke with a clap of thunder from Basel 730 years after Wilhelm Tell, a new Tell, the Sri Lankan sociologist Ganga Jey Aratnam, who teaches in Basel, called the Swiss people on Sunday Newspaper to attend integration courses so that it does not become a minority of the losers in their own country. By Klaus Stöhlker The ingenious Trinity Since the goal of the SARSCov-19-2 political terror does not seem to be public health, but the interests of the free riders, there are not only repeated mass vaccinations and long-term tests on the horizon, but mask requirements right into the children's room , Ventilation technology, control mechanisms of ever more subtle kinds. Social cohesion is weakened as a result. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

5 WHY IT NEEDS Summarum provides aspects that are neglected in the media. It is almost unknown to the public: Most of the international news in all of our media comes from just three global news agencies in New York, London and Paris. The key role of these agencies means that the western media mostly report on the same topics and often even use the same formulations. In addition, governments, military and secret services use the global agencies as a multiplier for the worldwide dissemination of their messages. The transatlantic networking of the established media is guaranteed This helps ensure that the desired point of view is hardly ever questioned. A study of the Syria report by three leading daily newspapers each from Germany, Austria and Switzerland clearly illustrates these effects. (Source: The Propaganda Multiplier). Therefore, dear readers, alternatives are needed. This is what SUMMARUM - the themed magazine offers. Remain critical! Roland Keller / Editor

6 Until the publication of 9/2020, the Federal Council has not yet found a way to answer us. This was to be expected. The evidence of a pandemic, resp. worldwide severe epidemic, none exist. Can we still trust our government?

7 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 Editorial 9/2020 -The US troops are leaving Germany - a little -Foreign investigators supported by Switzerland -CORONA: The hour of informers and watchers By Roland Keller / publisher In Africa Malaria could kill twice as many people in 2020 as in other years if the fight against the infectious disease is hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning on World Malaria Day (April 25, 2020). According to WHO estimates, around 228 million people were infected with malaria in 2018. In the worst case, the WHO calculates according to model calculations south of the Sahara with deaths, twice as many as that would be a death rate as last 20 years ago. That would mean that we now have to expect a malaria-related lock-down for 2021? Malaria has already been detected in Basel and Switzerland by the Tropical Institute. The US troops are leaving Germany - a little US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a warning in August 2020 in the case of project participation with the Russians: It is a clear warning to the companies that aid in Russian projects with malicious influence will not be tolerated. Get out now or risk the consequences. Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General a.d. Harald Kujat: The Americans are not here to do us a favor, but because they have strategic interests. Therefore, they will certainly not completely withdraw from Germany. Former US Army Commander in Europe, Ben Hodges, told the New York Times: The reason we have overseas troops in Germany is not to protect the Germans, everything we have is for our benefit. After all, the US administration is honest. Anyone who has a pledge like the hard-working Germany in hand will never give up the golden goose again. It is more likely that Germany is covered with scorched earth. Nothing fears the sinking USA more than a Germany or even Europe connected with Russia! What the US still does not want to admit is that the former world power does not understand: expansion and size are weakening. The former great power has around 800 bases worldwide. But these infrastructures need to be financed and managed. Now the US is breaking up from within. African Americans, Latinos and 50 million impoverished citizens are on the move. You can hardly get a quarter of the insurgent population under control - unless you kill them. External structures of power are increasingly difficult to manage and organize. If the fuse burns on two sides, the end is foreseeable.

8 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 Foreign investigators sniffing in Switzerland Foreign investigators sniffing in Switzerland As it gives the impression, with the blessing of the Federal Council, foreign investigators are allowed to stalk their respective uncomfortable citizens. China is allowed to prosecute its civil rights activists in Switzerland and treat them like criminals. Quote: Point 1 of the State Treaty with the Chinese Ministry for Public Security explicitly states: "The Swiss side invites Chinese experts to support the Swiss side in identifying alleged Chinese citizens with irregular residence in Switzerland." Only questions about identity are allowed ... Anyone who knows the methods of the Chinese government can imagine what this means. According to tried and tested secret service methods, the Chinese will take the right to stun a Chinese citizen at any time, to kidnap them to the embassy and to do whatever they want with him. Switzerland not only grants the Chinese state security a right of residence to question its own compatriots for the purpose of repatriation. Switzerland has similar agreements with around 60 other countries. But the hammer follows: For this they receive a visa of a maximum of 14 days under the Schengen Agreement and then travel on. (.!) The subsistence costs are covered by Switzerland! * According to SEM boss Mario Gattiker, the contracts are purely technical agreements. SEM spokesman Daniel Bach confirmed a corresponding report by the Tamedia newspapers on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency. Switzerland has similar agreements with around 60 other countries, including Russia. Also with problem states like Turkey, the Philippines, Algeria or Ethiopia. All states have official, but above all unofficial agents in Switzerland. Basically something like 007 Beijing bonds. Switzerland was and is an agent hub. But with the support of the Confederation Administration, things get scary. We are developing into a compliant banana state. Helvetia becomes Hehlvetien. Mutual bilateral legal assistance is absolutely normal within the framework of diplomatic procedures. But to hunt down uncomfortable citizens of foreign countries on Swiss soil with Swiss federal support is not Swiss. All the signs, together with the corona mask terror, show that we are slowly but surely developing from a democracy to a democrature. The hour of informers and watchers I got on the train and sat down. Before I made myself comfortable, a young man sat down in front of me. He to me: Do you need a mask ?. I replied: Thank you - I always have some with me. Well, I put on my mask. Then I asked him: Are you a cop? He back: No scientist. Me: Meets well - me too. After that there was an icy silence as far as Basel. At least once a day, mostly older women, hiss at me: Distance! - mask! People are frightened and panicked - for no reason! The social screws are tightened.

9 BLN / Volume 9 Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 There are no real scientific justifications. The shortcoming is circumvented by constantly changing new arguments, omissions, contradictions, apart from avoiding target-oriented discourse on a broad basis. There is an extensive phenomenon of exclusion of scientific positions, which could help the state standard catalog to be more objective. Our questions to the Federal Council (see registered letter in this issue) are generally not answered. The damage done amounts to around 100 billion Swiss francs in Switzerland alone. This raises the question of liability. Just consider: we are talking about a CORONA disease announced by the WHO as a pandemic, which so far claimed about 0.030% deaths in Switzerland. We are not talking about malaria, diabetes, malignant neoplasms, tuberculosis, high blood pressure with their disproportionately higher mortalities and morbidities. The infections are increasing, thanks to statistical narrow-gauge interpretations based on selective populations from hospitals and old people's homes, combined with previous illnesses, which were initially assigned to SARS-CoV-19-2. Neatly attributed autopsy results were avoided. (!) Then steadily increasing numbers of infections were reported because more and more tests were carried out on a broader basis and although the long-known cultural asset of hand washing was promoted as a new must by epidemio-viro-infection sociologists and despite the growing compulsion to wear a mask, which, increasingly denationalized as mass business became a source of income. All of this happened without hundreds of thousands dying. At best, the recovery figures running parallel to the illnesses are reassuring, which can even be found in the published statistics in the absence of vaccines and drugs against SARS-CoV-19-2. Nobody seems to be responsible for the anonymous global terror. It is therefore not surprising when people, on the other hand, take to the streets, such as on August 29, 2020 in Berlin. Nor should it be surprising if such demonstrations attract groups with agendas that have nothing to do with freedom protests against SARS-CoV terror. That such foreign agendas are then abused by those who overturn the liberal, peaceful, enlightening protests in order to continue their SARS-CoV promotion. They never give up, never! That is why the freedom protesters cannot sit back and relax, never. What they have to do, apart from protests, is to promote the maintenance of immune strength, something that the SARS-CoV-19-2 promoters neglect. Whether on purpose or not is secondary. (* Source partly Keystone-SDA)

10 BLN / Volume 9 Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS: SWITZERLAND Mass immigration initiative: A sovereign state must be able to control its immigration itself! Luzi Stamm, lawyer and ex-national councilor Being able to control yourself again! The present initiative is only about whether Switzerland will be able to manage immigration independently again in the future. A YES would mean that Switzerland has to negotiate with the EU, that we can again set annual maximum numbers and determine who is allowed to immigrate to our country and who is not. The demand corresponds to the demand made famous by a statement by President Sarkozy in France for an immigration choisie instead of immigration subie. Terrifying numbers: immigration numbers have exploded since the introduction of the free movement of people. Our country now issues around new residence and settlement permits every year. It is like when the EU grants over 10 million new permits for immigrants every year; an absolutely unthinkable dimension! Switzerland now not only has the highest rate of immigration in the world, but also the highest population growth of all industrialized nations due to the high level of immigration. In the last few years, up to 10,000 more people have immigrated than emigrated to Switzerland. Year after year, because of immigration, a new city of St. Gallen is set in the Swiss plateau, figuratively speaking. And there is no end in sight. If we do not get control of immigration back into our hands, it is impossible to predict whether Switzerland will have ten, twelve or even more million inhabitants in ten or twenty years. Those in charge have made a massive mistake. Even the experts have made a mistake, not to mention the political leaders. Neither in Switzerland nor in the EU have such high figures been assumed as they are now. Among other things, the Federal Council based itself on the Straubhaar report, which speaks of valued immigrants every year. The experts / politicians have calculated a factor of 10. But the Swiss population was also mistaken or rather wrong. has been deceived: Many have said that the free movement of people is necessary in order to bring the workers into the country that our country needs (which is obviously not true, because a country can always bring who it needs, even without an agreement). And on the other hand, many have meant, only the free movement of people

11 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 bring market opening (which is also obviously wrong, because open markets and immigration are two completely different things).Highly qualified? That is not true, the experts / politicians were particularly mistaken when it comes to the claim that it is mainly highly qualified people who immigrate. The numbers speak for themselves. List at the end of this page * Where could the highly qualified hide among these top ten with a total of around around immigrants? Among the entrepreneurs, directors, a category that also includes kebab distance operators and people in the red light milieu. The Swiss economy and our country as a whole have an obvious interest in being able to recruit employees abroad. But the economy cannot be interested in tens of thousands - if not hundreds of thousands - of people moving in without any professional training, even those with poor work ethics. Dangerous opening towards the Balkans Above all, there is a risk of uncontrollable immigration of professionally unskilled workers in the future if the Balkan states also join the EU. We will shortly be voting on the free movement of people in Croatia; Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, and later Albania and Kosovo will follow. This will have a dramatic impact on Switzerland. Already today there are more than people with a Kosovar migration background living in Switzerland; around a tenth of the population of Kosovo has moved to Switzerland. From Macedonia alone there are more than people here, from Croatia more than. The following effect will be correspondingly large. The large number of them who have moved to Switzerland will bring a corresponding number of immigrants, either via family reunification or via employment contracts. If we do not have any new regulations regarding immigration until the accession of the Balkan states with the EU, we will use the job title Number of people 1. Family reunification Unidentifiable occupation Training and further education Commercial employees, office occupations without gainful employment Entrepreneurs, directors Other occupations in the main construction trade Kitchen staff Service staff Caretakers, Room and building cleaners 1.617

12 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 overrun: A non-taxable immigration from countries with much lower prosperity inevitably brings our country a poverty that we did not know in the past. Excessive bureaucracy? The opponents of the initiative claim that a YES to the initiative would lead to bureaucracy. This is a completely misplaced argument, right is the pure opposite: The bureaucracy is increasing massively because we have to build a social industry that causes incredible costs due to the immigration of tens of thousands of people without vocational training and / or a lack of work ethics. The Carlos case (expenses of Fr per month) is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, the migration authorities already exist, which must apply the same criteria for immigrants from outside the EU as required by the initiative. The authorities therefore know very well how to apply the criteria, the implementation of which is required by the initiative; especially the experts who managed immigration even before 2002, when the free movement of persons was not yet in force (at that time the Aliens Police). Useful or harmful immigration? Experience has shown that the Swiss authorities could very well distinguish between beneficial and harmful immigration. It is undisputed that a capable self-employed person can bring a lot to Switzerland; However, it is not clear why every self-employed person in the red-light district should have a legal right to immigration. It is also undisputed that e.g. a highly qualified technician will benefit our country from an economic point of view. But it is not clear where Switzerland's interest lies when 64-year-old foreigners can be brought to Switzerland via an employment contract under the title of room and building cleaner, who after just one year have the same entitlement to supplementary benefits as any Swiss citizen every Swiss who has reliably pursued a profession for 40 years. And those who have a legal right to bring spouses, children, parents, grandparents and in-laws to Switzerland, all of whom are entitled to social benefits. As mentioned, immigration to social welfare systems will break Switzerland's neck at the latest when the Balkan states have joined the EU. Alternatives: From the solution before 2002 to the advantageous point system It would seem obvious to return to the old solution that was in place in Switzerland until the free movement of persons came into force (2002). Compared to the old solution, however, the only change that would have to be made is that there can no longer be an automatic mechanism for seasonal permits (or short-term residence permits) that would trigger entitlement to a long-term residence permit. This was the weak point of the old one, which led to high levels of immigration with harmful effects as early as the 1990s. The present initiative creates optimal flexibility: A modern point system, such as is successfully practiced by various countries around the world, would be more advantageous than the old solution, e.g. from Canada (since 1967), Australia and New Zealand. Such a new point system could also be combined with other systems as required. Is it directed against the bilateral treaties with the EU?

13 BLN / Volume 9 Number 9/2020 The opponents of the initiative claim that it is directed against the bilateral agreements with the EU or against the bilateral path. That is not the case at all. Rather, the present initiative creates the best conditions for keeping the bilateral agreements with the EU as unchanged as possible and at the same time solving the immigration problem. It also creates extremely flexible options for negotiations with the EU. Business would also be well advised to accept this initiative. Otherwise the population will agree to more rigorous variants; be that e.g. the upcoming Ecopop initiative or a complete abolition of the free movement of people. Without immigration, Switzerland would shrink from generation to generation by up to 40 percent at today's birth rate! A certain amount of immigration is therefore natural and undisputed. The present initiative is only about the question of whether it can be sensibly regulated. If the opponents of the initiative constantly point out that immigration has positive effects for Switzerland, then that completely ignores the issue. 13 Basel, September 2020 Referendum on September 27, 2020 YES to moderate immigration go to the vote! Our freedom is threatened from within and without. The only question is whether our country will be able to control the quality and quantity of immigration again in the future.

14 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS The greatest threat to our society is the government's reactions to non-existent or insignificant threats and the negation or trivialization of real threats. By Markus M. Müller Blog of Inconvenient Questions The greatest danger for our society is the reactions of the government to non-existent or insignificant threats and the negation or trivialization of real threats. First, a look at the nonexistent or insignificant threats of the last few decades: The threat from the East during the Cold War? Confused with an active defense. The global warming? A natural, cyclical process that has already turned back into a cooling. The ozone hole? For a long time, too, probably also naturally cyclical. Russian influence on western democracy? Refuted several times. Increasing violence from the right? On the contrary! Nuclear threat to the west from Iran or North Korea? Confused with fear of western interference. A COVID-19 pandemic? Just a monkey show. The fall of Switzerland without the EEA, the EU and bilaterals? At most a gut feeling. And now a few denied or played down threats: Loss of one's own culture through excessive immigration. Rather even wished for! Energy shortage due to the demonization and ban on fossil fuels as well as the promotion of unprofitable and negatively impacting system stability

15 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 energy sources such as wind and solar. Expansive fiscal and monetary policy for the financial slavery of the next generations. Direct dependency of the media on government-funded funding programs and internationally synchronized agency reports. NATO's warmongering on its eastern front. The intellectual and financial dependence of many states on the USA and NATO. The overload of the state social programs and the associated pressure on tax and duty increases. The cancellation of important nuclear weapons treaties by the USA and the negative consequences for all of humanity. The self-surrender and submission of the Western world. The shutdown of all reliable defense capabilities without a growth concept. The over-regulation of the economy and society. You can turn it around as you want: The greatest danger for our future, for peace, prosperity, security and freedom is generally and mostly our own politicians, the governments with their bureaucratic administrations, who with their wrong assessment of the situation and setting of priorities what has been achieved and frivolously jeopardizing our success. This includes the intelligence services and other data collection agencies that fail to provide the authorities with correct information or are blind in one eye. Secondly, the media bear a great responsibility, which all too often miss a critical distance from the powerful, ignore common sense and ignore counter-arguments. They would have it in their power to bring the failures of politics to light. But just see above Before we can expect an improvement in the general situation, a new generation of politicians (and journalists) must be born. Until then, we only have to ensure mental and physical health, maximum financial independence and individual freedom and integrity. In addition, shake your head a little, inform friends and wait. The author: Markus M. Müller (called MMM): (46). lic. oec. HSG, Oberstlt i Gst, consultant and entrepreneur, father of 3 boys, former head of communications at the Society of General Staff Officers and the Giardino Group, editor of the weekly newsreel on security at the Fricktalische Officiersgesellschaft.

16 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS Navalny: No logic in the West's allegations against Russia Comment by Dr. Barbara Hug / Social Psychologist When Boris Nemtsov was murdered in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, attempts to explain this crime emerged. Russian political analysts spoke of a sacred sacrifice. Boris Nemtsov was a well-known critic of the Kremlin. The West placed direct responsibility for the assassination on the Kremlin. What could be more obvious than to pin the culprit there? It is now about Navalny, a leader of the opposition in Russia who is always supported by the West. Can this also be a sacred sacrifice? Some point to it. A sacred sacrifice means that a person - for a higher cause - is killed by their own people. The prerequisite is that this person has made clear statements, activities and criticisms of the Kremlin - Putin - over a longer period of time. This means that responsibility for the perpetrators can be clearly attributed to the Kremlin, because the victim was a constant active critic of the Kremlin. The act aroused violent emotions among his followers. After the murder of Nemtsov, the number of participants in a demonstration against Putin is said to have risen sharply immediately. A martyr's death always creates a very emotional following, as we know. Germany: FDP, the Greens and the CDU immediately reacted to the alleged poisoning of Navalny with a well-known measure: Sanctions are being demanded against Russia. Without any clarification of the case, without waiting for the medical-chemical analyzes, they strike. The pattern is known from previous poisoning cases. And very transparent. Emotions are a powerful lever, and in the event of war, propaganda creates the necessary prerequisites. We shouldn't be misled by the howling of wolves, which is nothing but actual preparation for war.

17 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS Great Britain wants to scrap all tanks A cover-up game with different backgrounds Great Britain is examining the idea of ​​completely doing without tanks as part of the modernization of its armed forces. About this, The Times newspaper writes on Tuesday August 25th The radical move aims to cut costs and focus on cyberwar. Last year the Challenger 2 tanks and the Warrior armored fighting vehicles were considered obsolete, but the cost of modernizing them has increased. The country's Ministry of Defense explains the idea by saying that the nature of warfare is changing and more investment is now required in cyber weapons, space and other cutting-edge technologies. There is still the option to modernize the Challenger 2 or to buy a Leopard 2 tank in Germany. Britain is already inquiring about the views of NATO partners on the proposal to abandon heavy armored vehicles and revise its military contribution to the alliance, the newspaper writes. London will now focus on attack aircraft and offer its allies 50 Apache helicopters as well as heavy tanker and reconnaissance helicopters. (Source: om / sb) Comment The decision to scrap tanks or to secretly mothball them is the direct effect of the experience of the CORONA test, the COVID-19 pandemic. That the British are focusing on cyber war is only part of the truth. The wars to come are hybrid technology wars, mainly with electronics and biology. A global * G-5 technology could offer itself for this purpose to build up energy fields that control interactions between viruses, bacteria more isolated with DNA and fungal spores. This form of warfare is vastly superior to all conventional weapons because you can only protect yourself against it with highly specialized technology. Vectors that carry bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. piggyback in the air we breathe could theoretically be activated by means of * G-5 waves without causing property damage and transforming an entire city into a hospital within hours. An example would be a new CO-VID-19/20 lung pathogen, along with a fast-acting lung fungus and an influenza virus. Within hours, people would become seriously ill with a highly active polyinfection and most of them would die. It is theoretically conceivable that the mixture could be inactivated again using * G-5. Tanks, planes and warships are therefore useless for modern warfare because there are no personnel to operate them. Of course, this does not rule out their continued production as a business model and toy for the military. CORONA / COVID-19 has already proven in its existing, relatively milder form what biological weapons are capable of. There are only selected antidotes for selected users against this type of warfare. And only immune systems that are not neglected could escape the checkmate in this case. * G-5: data rates up to 10 Gbit / s. 100 billion mobile devices can be addressed at the same time. The 5-G frequency spectrum is divided into two areas: FR1 600 MHz and 6 GHz and FR2 24 GHz. Obstacles such as walls or trees are not penetrated. But since cell phones are used, each phone is a relay station. The British secret service GHCQ tried to dispel all concerns in 2019. However, many interactions between biological systems are currently unknown and have not been clarified. (rk, rh)

18 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 On August 9th, the new Switzerland awoke with a clap of thunder from Basel Professor propagates integration courses for locals in order to accept real foreign determination. There is silence. By Klaus Stöhlker CULTURE / SOCIETY Professor propagates integration courses for locals in order to accept real foreign determination. There is silence. When people woke up at home on August 9th, the day before school started, the disaster had happened. 730 years after Wilhelm Tell, a new Tell, the Sri Lankan sociologist Ganga Jey Aratnam, who teaches in Basel, urged the Swiss people to attend integration courses in the Sunday newspaper so that they would not become a minority of losers in their own country. According to the Basel researcher, foreigners are already dominating the top echelons of business and universities in Switzerland. They are also dominant in the Swiss lower class. Now it is a matter of internalizing and training this unstoppable process. This is the only way to ensure the survival of small and medium-sized Swiss companies. Since then, there has been a booming silence in the Swiss media. Aratnam is an internationally brilliantly trained scientist, a pupil of Professor Ueli Mäder at the University of Basel, who makes no secret of his now moderate leftist position. Homeland? Who cares ...(What the scientist, who comes from Sri Lanka and is married to a woman from Central Switzerland, says turns everything upside down that Swiss sociologists have said like a prayer wheel: Switzerland is one of the most prosperous countries on earth; the Swiss have created a democracy that only optimizes But it cannot be surpassed. In reality, US-Americans, Dutch, Germans, Russians, French, Indians and top managers from all over the world are at the control of the economy. It is they who decide on the prosperity of Switzerland and its people - and secondary schools are already in the minority according to the OECD (Paris) Swiss children are in the minority. Those with a migration background are the majority. In numerous Zurich suburbs, over 80 percent of students speak no German at home. Neither Zurich nor High German. In the canton of Geneva 60% of the Resident Parents who were not born in Switzerland. Internationally speaking, sweat increases z thus a top position. It is not the norm in Europe. The economic decline of the Swiss middle class, accelerated by the corona epidemic, is happening at a speed that most people turn a blind eye to: the way up is blocked for most. The first pillar of the AHV is less secure from year to year.

19 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 The National Bank's policy means that the second pillar no longer brings in money for savers. The third pillar of private savings lives more from inheritances and lottery winnings than from what a family can still earn. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) has demonstrated in recent months how our health is put at risk. At the head of it are a career diplomat (Pascal Strupler), a theologian (Andrea de Falco), a colorless civil servant (Patrick Mathys) and a newly qualified infectologist (Stefan Kuster). Health Minister Alain Berset has been selling half-truths in this constellation for months. The rich Switzerland of the 20th century was sold by its own banks and entrepreneurs. The profits flowed into real estate and hedge funds, where Switzerland was the third largest investor for years. The politicians up to the federal councilors cheerfully helped themselves. Every rich foreigner was courted more in Bern and in many cantonal capitals than honest Swiss people who paid their taxes on time. The old Swiss business elite, predominantly liberal, went under. Your last representative, Walter Kili Kielholz, board long-term president of Swiss Re, is fighting for his honor with the help of McKinsey, a US consulting company. When Sergio Ermotti, now CEO of the UBS group, takes over his job at Swiss Re next spring, the group, which wasted billions under Kielholz, should be back on track. Ermotti, no wonder boy at UBS, doesn't understand anything about large insurance companies either, but wants to learn more. That is why he has announced that he will be gathering managers from Ticino in particular. World-class Ticino manager? Is there such a thing? Little has been heard of this since Tito Tettamanti, who once mastered the BSI. Meanwhile, the Swiss people, economically more and more on the slide, see no rescuer approaching. In the same situation, the white trash in the USA elected Donald Trump, a speculator and, as it turns out today, a fraudster, to the top office four years ago. For 20 years, the Italians fell for Silvio Berlusconi, who is now, at 83, already back on the political stage. The English have made deceivers like Tony Blair, David Cameron and Boris Johnson prime ministers. The Germans, first shredded by Gerhard Schröder, SPD, were then pulled through the Merkel hose. Since then, everyone has become poorer. The Swiss middle class is trapped. Personnel changes will soon be announced at the Swiss Trade Association, its most powerful pillar. The CVP, also a middle class party, is drawn to the center. The SP Switzerland is very successful in defending the interests of its members from the state-owned companies. And what about the people? The second half of 2020, which is now beginning, will certainly be one of the most politically exciting of this still young century. Entry ban for foreign workers, but not for tax-privileged millionaires and billionaires? A corporate responsibility initiative that will never be enforced if you say yes? New planes and anti-aircraft equipment from whatever state. If we buy US goods, they will be in Washington D.C. Determines against whom we can use them. Self-employed Switzerland, independent Switzerland? This dream has been allowed to be buried for a few days. If you keep your fist in the sack, you will achieve little. Anyone who puts it in the air exposes himself to ridicule. In the USA the neo-Nazis are already openly fighting for a white, Christian America. According to Ganga Jey Aratnam, Switzerland today is no longer the same as it was yesterday, as previously assumed by the people. The protests are more pop culture than politics, says the German sociologist Armin Nassehi, who no longer asks about his origins there. Heroes are wanted. The article also appeared in:

20 A sovereign country must be able to sovereignly decide where to procure its defense resources. YES to new combat aircraft! A state is only taken seriously if it can defend itself.

21 Advertisement The author: Klaus J. Stöhlker Klaus J. Stöhlker is one of the founders of modern PR in Switzerland. As a doyen of the Swiss PR industry, which is still very active today, he then supported over 500 Swiss and international companies and organizations in developing their brand and their credibility. He has been the most published PR consultant in Switzerland for thirty years. Roland Keller, editor of the Summarum themed magazine: Klaus Stöhlker is an ingenious linker with immense background knowledge and a general education that has become rare. His judgments about Switzerland, corporations and politics were always well-founded and years later always proved to be correct. ANGSTZEIT KLAUS J. STÖHLKER, LUKAS HÄSSIG NEW RELEASES, SOCIETY In Switzerland, the model country of European stability, uncertainty is widespread among the population. The low unemployment figures have turned out to be “fake news”. Real incomes have not grown for years. The prospects for good old-age provision are falling rapidly. A crisis is looming. Has the welfare and redistribution state passed its peak? The author describes how a Swiss and global elite in the Alpine republic is getting richer and richer, with the high profits increasingly being made abroad. The world-famous Swiss infrastructure, on the other hand, is becoming more fragile, and crises are increasing in the state-owned corporations. Can the country's political stability be preserved? TITLE: TIME OF FEAR SUBTITLE: THE MODEL DEMOCRACY IN SWITZERLAND SHOWS CRAPS. AUTHOR: KLAUS J. STÖHLKER, LUKAS HÄSSIG PAGES: APPROX. 230 PAGES. COVER: BUND, WITH PROTECTIVE ENVELOPE ISBN: YEAR OF PUBLICATION:


23 BLN / Volume 9, Number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS Adjusting screws for a new society A fictional connection between masks, cartels and conspiracies. An example of how the Cloward-Piven Strategy is efficiently applied to our society. Never waste a good crisis - or create one! Noam Chomsky: [] We cannot have a realistic understanding of who rules the world if we ignore the "masters of mankind," as Adam Smith calls them: in his day these were the merchants and producers of England, in our day they are there are multinational conglomerates, huge financial institutions, trading empires and so on. Moreover, with Smith, it is wise to heed the "abominable maxim" which the "lords of mankind" follow: "All for us and nothing for other people." [] 1) By Roland Keller New Normality The preparations to slowly reshape our society within the framework of a new normality are in full swing. Large-scale brainwashing is the attempt at re-education from above without the need for a law passed by parliament. That is, depending on the assessment, true or untrue statecraft! A typical feature of totalitarian dictatorships and sects, society is forced into a useful norm by means of linguistic and moral adjusting screws. The trick is simple: minorities, women, children and migrants are instrumentalized and declared to be tortured and abused creatures - and the mechanism begins to work. Epic theater for demagogues, ideologues, re-educators, censors and ideology guards. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation's Facebook page sums up the manipulation mechanism: [] Specific gender roles, natural differences and traditional values ​​often play a central role in right-wing extremist discourses. Nevertheless, it has long been underestimated how important anti-feminism is as a fragment of ideology for right-wing extremism. In the dehate podcast gender and right-wing ideologies, we take on the topic. [] It all comes in the guise of legitimacy and honesty. The fact that there are different people and beings is suppressed. Nature doesn't work because everything is the same, but because everything is diverse! Structured diversity is life, not arbitrariness. But society cannot be infiltrated with this fact, that would be

24 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 Science and no left ideology. In Germany it works like this: The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has published a handout on how to deal with right-wing populism and misanthropy in daycare centers, including a foreword by Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey. (!) Heike Radvan, who published the brochure, writes: They are taught obedience and a sense of duty from their parents at an early stage and traditional gender roles are also part of their upbringing: Girls wear clothes and braids and are instructed in household and handicrafts, boys are more physically trained. 2) That means: good upbringing, physical health and discipline are undesirable. Sure, society transformers tend to prefer vicious, rebellious, denunciating children who terrorize parents and schools. These can later be portrayed as victims and also misused as tools of the new ideology. A kind of dual use. There are very ingenious adjusting screws to undermine a successful society and they are hard to see through. With the advance of the gender madness, it is ultimately about the establishment of a completely different society with different structures. It's about power. What has started now is the attempt at re-education from above without any legitimation. This is actually a typical characteristic of sects, repressive, religious cultures or dictatorships. So it is high time that the responsible federal and cantonal commissions urgently clarify this. Adjusting screw: Genderism Source: Facebook The peak of unscientificness would be the abolition of the gender designation in biology. Suddenly we could be bothered with completely crazy terms: giraffes * inside, stork * inside (the storks already exist) pigs * pig oak (pigs and sows already exist) dwarfs would be little people, little people. Our offspring would not be spared either: children. and then the babies * Babyriche - the neuter form in the finding process of unemployed sociologists - one is working on it. You can meet a sociologist, but what about n, other genders? Artificial stupidity ad infinitum. Where the sun of nonsense rises on the horizon, even dwarfs cast shadows like giants. In German public television broadcasters, before they are allowed to speak to the microphone, presenters are tested and brainwashed in the tangled linguistics of a Newspeak gender language. Only then are they let loose on the audience. Swiss television, anyhow Links, will surely take its precautions to prevent that

25 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 Moderators (a qualitative collective term would be moderates), to bring them linguistically in line. The pre-ordained Newspeak is a good means to silence and dispose of controversial, rebellious and critical spirits by means of the moral language club. The masks and the monopolies COVID-19: The power of the multibillionaires and the cartel Anyone who thought this was not related to the linguistic will-o'-the-wisps should consider the context. When Facebook announced its COVID-19: Safeguards and Community Standards Update, I became suspicious. The last sentence says: [] can introduce additional guidelines if necessary in order to safely accompany the members of our community through the crisis. (See below: Message from Facebook) Safe to accompany you through the crisis? Which crisis actually? Facebook wants to accompany us? Why - I don't need a Facebook governess. [] We know how important it is that Facebook is and remains a place where people can communicate safely and safely with one another. [] Deletion of opinion: Facebook deletes Trump video due to Corona misinformation. US President Trump claimed the following: - Children are almost immune to the virus and school openings are therefore not a problem. - Anyone who throws illegal parties in Los Angeles can soon have water and electricity turned off. - In Turkey, shops and transport companies that adhere to protective measures should be marked as safe places. It's bullshit - but Trump's opinion. So what? It is in line with community standards to express one's opinion. Source: Handelsblatt 3) But the fact that even a president of a country has a post deleted makes one sit up and take notice! What does that mean? Facebook is censoring Trump's opinion. With what right? Who on Facebook is the expert to judge Trump's opinion. We now know that thousands of moderately qualified, poorly paid people around the world are recruited and used to drilled keywords into putting texts on hit lists. Who had Trump harmed or put in danger? Had he even told the truth that a Facebook opinion cartel would not like? Who has the authority to interpret and what is behind the fact that even the doubt about CORONA is equated with Holocaust denial? Srebrenica questioning

26 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 is also almost a crime. Let us assume that a secret cartel of multi-billionaires wanted to change society. To be mentioned here are purely theoretical: With the cartel's total assets of around US $ 1,000 billion, anything is feasible in principle. The total private wealth even exceeds the national budget of states. That means a gigantic abundance of power in a few hands. A huge danger in the hands of psychiatric patients. Wealth could seldom be equated with education and wisdom. Let us now assume that a number of multi-billionaires come together to assert their interests. Certainly, more than 90% of the super-rich agree to push their cause against society. Everything for the people A form of invisible dictatorship will develop. As a result, it will be a society that appears to be socialist and will not perceive its oppression. Now the people will be made happy at their own expense. The happiness is sold as a gift to the people, who will gratefully accept them. The popular happiness would look something like this: Everything will be easier: - Payments have to be made by mobile phone or plastic card. It is so easy! - Banknotes are provided with chips to trace their origin, for security reasons: terrorists, money laundering and drug money. For reasons of efficiency, as much as possible has to be ordered online, a voice assistant will help and the credit card will be used to pay. In other words: immediate siphoning off of assets and assets, no matter how small they are. What does all of this have to do with Trump? Quite simply: a multi-billionaire with a huge amount of power and the secret services behind him, deleted Trump's contribution! So the Facebook boss Zuckerberg is more powerful than the president! How do they say it: puppet governments? May be. Let's spin the story further. For example, the banks that manage Trump's assets include Jeff Bezos. Bezos may be part of the cartel. Since August 5, 2013, he has also owned the Washington Post, alongside Amazon. If Trump does things that do not fit into the business model of the cartel, Trump must expect sanctions. So the bank is hindering its business in the background. The cartel now consistently applies this barely transparent, multi-layered mechanism in politics, society, technology and science. The indirect steering is designed with a long-term perspective. The cartel never appears as the source and driver of political events. The executive hardly knows who it works for. The only thing that matters is the result in terms of the cartel. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. But deleting a state president's expression of opinion from a young man like Zuckerberg on Facebook shows how things will go in the future. Never before have so few people had so much power and money at their disposal as they do today. This is a danger that will pervert our democracy into a two-tier state / private capital democracy. COVID-19 as the first stage in the restriction of freedom. The way the so-called pandemic is managed raises doubts. We don't talk about the epidemic like the plague with millions of deaths.We are talking about% dead in relation to the total world population! Approximately 18.8 million people infected have died. 17 million survived or have recovered. There is absolutely nothing to justify the shutdown from a medical point of view. Just as little as wearing a mask. The masks are so transparent that they can let any virus through. The protection

27 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 only refers to large aerosols. The CORONA project is part of the discipline and restriction of the population. All for the best of us - of course. Then the offense of not wearing the mask is an excellent way of making money. The German Health Minister Span clearly stated what he wanted to achieve: wearing masks out of solidarity and responsibility among one another. otherwise it will be expensive. The state creates a law to create money! And that is exactly called dictatorship and is the opposite of democracy. This has nothing to do with the rule of law. However, viruses always find a way to attack us. A mask doesn't help either. Federal Councilor Berset recently: I am concerned that people are shaking hands again. It's about creating disaffection and distrust between people, fear, depression, not affection. An apt quote I found on Felix Mendury's Facebook page. Mendury writes: [...] Imagine you want to enslave humanity. How would you do it? Would you go and tell people: You no longer have any rights, you are mine now and you have to do as I tell you !? Probably not. You would say to them: people, listen to me! Your safety is in great danger! You are unable to adequately take care of yourself, so you have to do what I tell you! If you do not obey my instructions without contradiction and without hesitation, you are dead; and because you endanger the security of others, I will have to punish you for any disobedience, with the withdrawal of rights, money and freedoms! You would use all forces - media, politics, authorities, celebrities and so on - who claim something different every day than the day before in order to create maximum confusion and uncertainty. They should all agree and persevere on only one point: that blind obedience is the only chance and last hope for recovery. People would follow you; at least many of them. And they would bully those who disobey you on their own initiative, because their panic would easily be transformed into anger and hatred of those who disobey and are therefore to blame for the whole misery. Humanity is already subject, and at the same time the slave hierarchy has also emerged. Because you now know which are the obedient slaves that you can use to keep the rebellious slaves in check. [...] Internet adjustment screw The Internet is free. Still. But for some time now the WWW thumbscrews have been tightened by all means. The Internet is free and this goes against the interests of giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, Blackrock, Alibaba, Twitter and other unmanageable economic conglomerates. They are the danger to our democracy and they know it very well. Democracy and freedom have no place in the mechanism of these economic dictatorships. How can you channel opinion on the Internet in such a way that it works in the interests of the censors? Opinion content is moralized. The mechanism is simple, like everything ingenious. Everyone loves innocent children. The lever is called child porn. Another lever: children and young people, for example, watch porn films on the Internet. Now this topic is being refined until the Internet is branded as a central place in international child molestation. In addition, the topic is continuously reported on television until one gets the impression: The Internet is the largest trading platform for child sex and pornography of all kinds. This works because children have a high level of sympathy and everyone feels addressed. Who wants to let their children be abused ?! If I remember, we looked at porn magazines even back then in our youth - no, not Playboy - they

28 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 Hardcore porno booklets were offered in kiosks and hairdressers for 20 - under the table. Prohibited and prosecuted by the police by the SIPO (moral police) Image: So-called «porn image» based on a watercolor by an unknown artist from Basel. A thriving business. In the forties, artistically painted buxom girls were traded. (Image) Anyone who thought that if the Internet were free of porn, then young people would not be interested in sex, is wrong. The forbidden beckons. In the total censorship case, the black market would thrive. Note: porn harms children. Children aged 12 and over are allowed to watch crime films, war films, murder and manslaughter! They are not harmful to young people ... cynical. Other very effective issues are: money laundering and the arms trade. Corresponding reports are placed on public television at prime time, at the expense of taxpayers. And the media consumers believe everything - pretty uncritically. According to the motto: If it is broadcast on television, first of all by neat presenters - everything has to be right. Criticism and outrage briefly foam up and ebb away in the laziness of the audience. Is the internet full of crime? Also, but not only. 90% revolves around trade, sports, fashion, politics, films, press and banalities. The strangulation of control over freedom of expression is in full swing. A constructed pseudomoral becomes the guideline of media law. There is no doubt that there is crime, child porn, etc. on the Internet. But it cannot be that the few percent crime can be a reason to censor the Internet. Censorship and bans are sources of a flourishing illicit black market. Child porn, human trafficking, arms trafficking and crime in general are not disappearing, but are being monopolized and channeled. Often from the initiators and their censors. Prohibition from 1920 to 1933, for example, was a prime example of hypocrisy and crime. Prohibition was also known as The Noble Experiment. Huge fortunes were amassed within a very short time. Here, too, it was about huge business - never about protecting citizens. The Cloward-Piven Strategy Never waste a good crisis! If you fail at first to erase America's constitutional legacy of limited government, try again. This sums up the method of the Marxist academic and activist Frances Fox Piven. This sought the overthrow of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy and excessive demands on the public sector. This mechanism is now in full swing 1) 1) Noam Chomsky's book Who rules the world? in German. (Page 239) article details / id html 3) management / forbes-liste-2020-that-are-the-richest-people-of-the-world / html? Ticket = st ypfbux1j7ug3ftrmf- JpJ-ap5

29 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 PRESS / FREE OPINION Wolfgang Kubicki FDP: The democratic state has to endure it in case of doubt ... Wolfgang Kubicki, is a German economist, lawyer and politician of the FDP. He was a member of the German Bundestag and then a member of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament until 2017. He is Deputy Federal Chairman of the FDP and has been a member of the German Bundestag again since the 2017 federal election. On October 24, 2017, he became Vice President of the Bundestag. (Text in blue frame, comes from W. Kubicki's Facebook entry)

30 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 POLITICS / SWITZERLAND The golden 30 years are coming to an end By Klaus Stöhlker Now inflation with howling and chattering teeth is coming first in the USA, then also here. The SNB will let them go. For a full 30 years, an entire generation, the national banks, like the Swiss one, have placed the fight against inflation in the foreground. This resulted in a global stock market miracle because it laid a stable foundation for the economy. Now the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has set a new course in Jackson Hole: The inflation target of two percent, which has not been achieved for many years, only serves as a guide for a longer period of time. Because inflation was a generation too low, it can now rise for years until the mean value of two percent is reached. This is good news for wealthy investors, including shareholders. The yardstick for them is that up to two percent inflation results in rising prices. This is bad news for eighty percent of the common man. For the time being only in the US, they have to expect higher prices for their livelihoods: groceries, rents, gasoline, etc. The real inflation to which they are exposed as a result of the Fed decision will reach 3 to 5%. Since inflation is known to overshoot before it is reduced, it can get even higher. This is good news for the heavily indebted states as well. Since the national banks do not want to increase interest rates even with higher inflation, the states can excuse themselves. The stupid, more than ever, are the savers and retirees. Philip Lane, the chief economist of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, has already agreed. Lane assured Powell and his colleagues that the ECB would also inject more money into the EU markets so that inflation would also rise in the EU. The result in Europe will then be the same as in the USA: better conditions for banks, financial institutions and entrepreneurs. Relief for the EU states through the silent expropriation of savers and pensioners. Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank, has not yet commented. I think, well Swiss, he'll take a little time. But the direction is predetermined. Switzerland will not be able to pull out, because the fear of a Japanese standstill economy is too great. So when the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland has bottomed out, cheers, caution is called for.

31 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 The well-run Swiss corporations, Nestlé in the lead, but also Lonza and a few more, have never bottomed out. The federal and cantonal administrations are swimming in money, even if it is likely to be a little less from next year. In the Swiss mechanical engineering sector, which is actually responsible for the negative interest rates at our National Bank, the situation remains rather moderate. How long the tourism, gastronomy, culture and events crisis will last cannot be foreseen. In loyalty to the fatherland, the trade unions have already refrained from raising wages in the coming year as a prophylactic measure. This means that Switzerland may have bottomed out in many places, but not the Swiss and the many foreigners who do not live in the light of public interest, but in the shadow of speechlessness. Every journalist, rushed by his publishers' dismissal projects, is now writing for his (survival) life. This reporting, driven by own fears about wages, family and professional future, has a massive influence on the published opinion. Those who do not want to represent official optimism prefer to remain silent or sink into melancholy. As usual, the moment of truth has now struck in the USA. The EU is following suit and Switzerland will follow, regardless of the independence of the National Bank. The golden 30 years are over for the majority of the people. Howling and chattering teeth will not be long in coming. This article also appeared in: Referendum on September 27, 2020 YES Popular initiative “For moderate immigration” YES Procurement of new combat aircraft Please, go to the vote! Our freedom is threatened from within and without.

32 Order: Bruno von Nünlist. Mail: Publisher: ISBN: roland keller visual concepts.

33 BLN / 9th year number 9 / Basel, September 2020 ECONOMY step in step the incredibly far-sighted pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation Many find Event 201 creepy, the role-play exercise on a corona pandemic, which the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and held the World Economic Forum weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Even creepier is the Rockefeller Foundation's lock-step scenario from It reads like a script for the political processes during the pandemic we are currently going through. By Norbert Häring Stepping in step is one of four scenarios for the future of technology and international development that the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network (GBN) presented in 2010 after a year of work by a large team. GBN is described by its founder, American futurologist Peter Schwartz, as a high-ranking network and corporate research agency. Schwartz was already active for the Pentagon and the World Economic Forum. He sits on the board of the (militaristic) Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and is a member of the Council for the 21st Century of the Berggruen Institute, which develops ideas for shaping political and social institutions. The Rockefeller Foundation appears in numerous conspiracy theories as an important part of the deeper, long-term power structures in the United States. Not least the memoirs of David Rockefeller give such theories an element of credibility. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in 1916, which was the first of its kind in the United States and which gained tremendous influence in the field. She is also the institution that co-hosted Event 201 and provides the media around the world with the daily dose of data on deaths and infections in the current pandemic. Regardless of the pandemic topic, but a focus of my reporting on this blog, the Rockefeller Foundation was instrumental in founding the Bellagio Group and its successor, the seedy Group of Thirty (G30). The Rockefeller report with the lock-step scenario appears to be aimed at decision-makers in large, powerful foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation itself or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He explains the purpose of the exercise as follows (italic italics by me): The scenarios are intended to broaden our thinking about both the opportunities and the obstacles that the future might hold. (They) are a medium through which great changes can not only be envisaged, but also realized. The more closely you read them, the more likely you will recognize their important but less obvious effects on you, your work and those around you. We strongly encourage you to disseminate and discuss this report widely, and to use it as a stepping stone to further creative reflection on how technology could affect development, and your strategies or personal actions accordingly

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