What do you think of collaborative robots


IPL magazine 48 | July 2019 | Author: Kim Haring

How is the market divided?


Suppose your supervisor gives you the order to buy a cobot. Where do you buy this? Where can you get information about types, features and prices? Of course you think to yourself: "I'll have a look at Amazon".

Unfortunately, it's not that easy, because Amazon doesn't offer cobots. The industry is experiencing significant growth and 3D printers or CNC milling machines are already being offered by the world's largest online retailer. Perhaps it is also simply because cobots are very specific products and must first earn the attention that their "big brothers", the industrial robots, have long had.

But while industrial robots do their job behind bars and safety barriers, primarily to take on monotonous and dangerous or physically difficult work, cobots work more directly with people. The separation in different levels is increasingly eliminated (e.g. through virtual protection rooms and active workspace monitoring, including the limitation of impulse forces). In the "highest" level there is an immediate human-robot collaboration (HRC) in which the cobots share a workspace with humans, while in the levels below it is referred to as human-robot cooperation. Cobots support the worker more directly, as a "third hand" or for unfavorable movement sequences. However, this requires the willingness to cooperate / collaborate on both sides.

It remains to be seen how people can get used to it when the “new colleague” is silent and doesn't need any breaks. Who is sharing the emerging market for cobots? To the surprise, the Danish company Universal Robots is undisputedly crowned the winner. As with industrial robots, Japanese companies are well represented.

What Amazon currently does not provide you with an overview of manufacturers, products, functions, etc. is provided by IPL-Magazin in the following list.





UNIVERSAL ROBOTS (www.universal-robots.com)

Model: UR3
It weighs 11kg and offers options for table mounting as well as floor, ceiling and wall mounting. 6 axes operate with a range of 500mm and a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Suitable for palletizing, packaging, assembly, pick & place and for MKR (human-robot collaboration) up to a maximum load of 3kg. Safety certified according to EN ISO 13849-1: 2008.
Price: approx. € 20,000

Model: UR5
With a weight of 18.4kg suitable for all types of installation. Operates with 6 axes and a maximum range of 850mm with a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Suitable for palletizing, packaging, assembly, pick & place and for quality control as well as MKR up to 5kg load. Safety certified according to EN ISO 13849-1: 2008.
Price: around € 24,000

Model: UR10
With a weight of approx. 29kg and a range of 1300mm, it offers a lot of working space. Options for table mounting as well as for floor, ceiling and wall mounting. 6 axes operate with a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Suitable for palletizing, packaging, assembly, pick & place and for MKR with a maximum load of 10kg. Safety certified according to EN ISO 13849-1: 2008.
Price: approx. € 40,000


FANUC EUROPE GMBH (www.fanuc.eu)

Models: CR-7iA and CR-7iA / L
With 53kg or 55kg intended for floor, ceiling and wall mounting. With a repeat accuracy of ± 0.018 mm, a working range of 717mm or 911mm is created. A maximum load of 7kg can be moved in this room for fitting, gluing & soldering or for general assembly including HRC. Price: approx. € 43,000

Model: CR-35iA
At 990kg a "heavyweight" that is only suitable for floor mounting. On the other hand, with 35kg, a particularly large load can be moved up to a range of 1813mm. This means that it can also be used for industrial heavyweight applications, for palletizing, gluing, soldering, lasers and HRC. For the repeat accuracy of ± 0.04 mm, approx. € 78,000 is due for this model.


TECHMAN ROBOT INC. (www.tm-robot.com)

Model: TM5-700
The device for floor mounting weighs 22kg and can lift a maximum of 6kg. The range of 600mm, with an accuracy of ± 0.05 mm, is particularly suitable for assembly, insertion and assembly tasks as well as for test, adhesive, packing and screwing work.


RETHINK ROBOTIC INC. (www.rethinkrobotics.com)

Model: Sawyer
With a net weight of 19kg, the Swayer is suitable for table mounting or on a rolling base. Then it shows its strengths: 4kg max.load, 1260mm max.range with 7 axes. The repeat accuracy is specified with ± 0.01 mm. Due for the experts for handling and assembly work, assembly and palletizing, approx. € 33,000.

Model: Baxter
The technical performance values ​​of the Baxter are identical to those of the Sawyer. However, the Baxter has two robotic arms for this. In terms of price, the Baxter is also on par with the Sawyer.


ENGINEERING FOR YOU GMBH (www.engineering-for-you.com/robotik)

Model: AUBO i5
The orange colored AUBO i5 is suitable for any mounting position with its own weight of 24kg. With its 6 axes, it reliably grabs loads of up to 5kg from this and moves them in a space with a maximum range of 924mm. The accuracy is specified with ± 0.03 mm. Despite its wide range of possible uses (handling & assembly, soldering & lasering, gluing & sealing, inserting & loading, electronic assembly, machine maintenance, HRC), with a price of approx. € 16,000 it only hits a small hole in the company's treasury.

KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. (www.robotics.kawasaki.com)

Model: DuAro1
With 4 axes per arm and a load-bearing capacity of 2kg, the DuAro is particularly an asset for light insertion and assembly tasks as well as for assembly support. The two arms of the DuAro are mounted at different heights on a rollable machine table, due to which the dead weight is approx. 200kg. However, this means that the cobot can easily be (re-) positioned and can display its accuracy of ± 0.05 mm with a maximum range of 760. The price is expected to be around € 30,000. ABB AUTOMATION GMBH (www.abb.com)

Model: Yumi IRB 14050
The 7 axes of the Yumi IRB 14050 move a maximum of 0.5kg up to a range of 559mm. This means that the device, with its own weight of around 10kg, is not a “heavyweight world champion”, but it can score points in handling & assembly, measuring, checking, testing, inserting and loading, palletizing and in HRC use. Its repeat accuracy is ± 0.02 mm.

Model: Yumi IRB 14000
The Yumi IRB 14000 is basically the IRB 14050 with two arms in terms of the performance parameters range, load absorption and accuracy. The device with a weight of 38kg is suitable to be placed on a table. Approx. € 35,000 are to be used to purchase the Yumi.


KUKA ROBOTER GMBH (www.kuka-robotics.com)

Model: LBR iiwa 7 R800 / LBR iiwa 14 R820
The iiwa from KUKA is available in two versions, each with 7 axes. The iiwa 7 weighs around 23kg, the iiwa 14 around 30kg. Both work in a somewhat equally large action area (800mm / 820mm) and do not give a lot in terms of accuracy (± 0.1 mm / ± 0.15 mm). The main difference is the maximum load capacity. The iiwa 7 only manages half of the Iiiwa 14 at 7kg. Both devices are available for around € 65,000 depending on the configuration and are used for measuring, checking, testing, palletizing, packing & picking, assembly, loading & loading. In addition, applications are possible for HRC.

Model: LBR iisy
The "little sister" iisy has a net weight of approx. 18.8 kg and is suitable for any mounting position. With a range of 600mm and a maximum load weight of 3kg, the area of ​​application is somewhat more limited, although HRC applications are possible. On the other hand, with an identical accuracy of ± 0.1 mm, the price is significantly lower at around € 20,000.

YASKAWA EUROPE GMBH (www.yaskawa.eu.com)

Model: Motoman HC10
With a dead weight of 47kg, the Motoman HC10 needs a stable position mounting on the wall, ceiling or on the floor. But then it can take 10kg loads and move them in a space of 1200mm. Its repeat accuracy is ± 0.1 mm, which can be used for pick & place, handling & assembly, soldering & lasers or mechanical processing and HRC.

STÄUBLI TEC-SYSTEMS GMBH (www.staubli.com/robotik)

Model: TX2-40
29kg dead weight accommodate 6 axes and a range of 515mm. This allows a 2kg load to be moved and precisely controlled with ± 0.02 mm in mechanical processing, soldering & lasering, gluing & sealing, measuring, checking, testing, inserting & loading and for clean & damp room applications.


This list represents only a rough selection of the cobots already available on the market from the currently largest providers at the time the article was created.