How can movement change you psychologically



Do you always relieve stress on the couch after a hard day? But somehow you still can't really relax? The best way to reduce stress is and remains simply exercise. However, it is important that the sport triggers positive associations, i.e. that it is fun. As a result, happiness hormones (endorphins and serotonin) are produced during training, which neutralize the stress hormones. It will make you feel better.

However, the body cannot produce these happiness hormones on the couch. To do this, we have to work out in sports and can thus actively release psychological tension and reduce internal pressure more quickly.

Stress reduction through exercise is not about overexertion or reaching a new level of performance. Therefore, the sporting activity to reduce stress should also be rather short and under moderate stress. The right level of intensity always depends on your fitness level and training level in order to really reduce stress and not cause additional stress. If you are overwhelmed and you feel overwhelmed by ambition during training, then that is less effective for your goal of counteracting stress. With the right intensity and dosage of exercise, however, you can very successfully reduce the tension in the body. But there are many other reasons why exercise is the best cure for stress.

Regular exercise makes you more resistant to stress.

Better blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

More creativity and concentration.

The release of happiness hormones.

No time for negative thoughts or problems.

A long-term regulation of the stress level.

Endurance and strength training have a slightly different effect when it comes to reducing stress. The happiness hormones or endorphins are released particularly well during endurance sports such as running, cycling or rowing. But strength training with dumbbells, rubber bands or your own body weight can also actively reduce stress and successfully release inner tension. But the big advantage of strength training is that you can actively balance your lifestyle. For example, if you sit a lot in your job, you can strengthen your back muscles through targeted strength training and thus compensate for deficits. Muscle building and physical development usually also change self-esteem and self-confidence over time. In the case of mental stress due to a lack of self-confidence, this can therefore also be a very positive aspect. Regardless of whether you decide on a sport or choose a combination as a miracle weapon: find something that you enjoy in the long term!


Power off with endurance training

The cross trainer is ideal to compensate for the stressful everyday life, as it is often perceived as less strenuous than the classic treadmill, spinning bikes or rowing machine. But also bicycle ergometers, the Summit-Trainer or Stairmaster are very well suited for cardio training as a counterbalance to everyday stress. With us you will find the right cardio machine for every taste and every fitness level to successfully counteract stress and finally to fall on the couch with feelings of happiness after a stressful day at home.

Reduce adrenaline with strength training

In all jumpers studios you will find both multi-gyms and guided equipment as well as a large free weight area with dumbbells and Co. In both areas you will find sufficient opportunities to reduce stress and find a balance to everyday life. Depending on your fitness level, you should first use equipment or exercises with your own body weight to reduce stress. Because the stress can be controlled very well and you stay on the right path for less stress. Because the higher the load, the more likely you are to build muscle, which in turn causes more stress for the body, even if it is mostly physically positive stress.

Refuel with new energy: solarium, collagen device & massage

You only know sport to work out and just can't take it easy enough? Then try to switch off after training in our solariums and collage devices or on the massage table. In our solarium, for example, you can stock up on the important vitamin D, which among other things has a positive effect on the psyche. The light gives your body relaxing heat, which helps tense muscles to regenerate. In our collagen devices, your skin receives a gentle wellness program that stimulates the formation of collagen. Among other things, this ensures smoother, fresher skin and thus counteracts skin aging.


Muscle building & body shaping