How can I access cPanel

With our cPanel administration tool you can do all common administrative tasks. With the help of an intuitive interface, it enables even inexperienced Internet users to make a wide range of settings, configurations and installations that can otherwise only be carried out by experts. Here is an overview of the various functions:


In tab Settingsfind one Getting started wizard. This explains roughly what you can set in cPanel and configures your domain for the first use. In addition, you have various Video tutorials available, but in English. You can get yours here change Password, the Update contact information, the Change the design of the cPanel, the Setting the language (approx. 20 are installed, including German, French, Italian and English). There is also the option of using your Windows desktop shortcuts directly on your cPanel.


In tab Mailyou can configure your mail addresses. Under Email accounts you can create new mail addresses and configure existing ones. Next to it is the point Webmail, with which you can read your e-mails online in the browser without having to use your own PC. Of course, the webmail can also be used without direct access to cPanel, so that your users also have access to their mails at any time. With Forwarder can you Redirectscreate. This means that mails are forwarded to a specific address. You can automatic replies create that Standard addresschoose and the Spam filterconfigure. With Address listyou can send a large number of emails at once, for example newsletters. You can go on Email filter program and the way of Track emails. With the necessary specialist knowledge, the MX record changed become.


In tab Filescan you Backup copiesCreate your website and databases. Please do not forget that you are responsible for making backups yourself. Although we also make regular backups, we cannot guarantee that your data can be restored up-to-date at any time. Here you can also restore the backups yourself. The File managerallow you direct access to all files on your server. Please be very careful when deleting system files so that your hosting continues to run stable. In any case, you can easily upload and download files here. Web diskis a cloud service that allows you to easily move files from your desktop to your server so that you always have access to them. The operation is the same as if the data were also on your own computer. In addition, you can additionally Create FTP accountsso that others can also upload data to the server without having access to cPanel or other important directories.


In tab Logs you will find various statistics and analysis programs, each separately for each subdomain. This way you keep an overview of the last visitors and the bandwidth used. In addition, it has very good and detailed statistics programs. Including Awstats, Webalizer and, above all, Logaholic, which not only provides information about the entire traffic on your website down to the smallest detail, but also creates graphical representations. In addition, with the help of the error log, you have your website under control and can quickly find out where incorrect links or programming errors have crept. Of course, the access logs are also available as raw data in case you want to download them and analyze them on your computer.


In tab security can you Protect directories with a passwordso that only those you have authorized have access to it. You can also use individual Block IP addressesso that certain computers cannot access the website. in the SSL / TLS manager you can upload and administer security certificates. At the SSH / Shell access you can configure SSH keys. With the Hotlink protection you can prevent certain files from being linked directly from other websites. This ensures that, for example, images from your website cannot be displayed on other websites. With Leech Protectyou can prevent your users from revealing their password or from posting it in a restricted area on your website. This feature redirects compromised accounts to a URL of your choice. Marked compromised accounts will also be blocked.GnuPGis a commonly available encryption system that uses a public key. With GnuPG messages are encrypted with a public key, but can only be decrypted with a private key that only the recipient of the message has.


In tab Domainsyou can use different domain functions. A domain is basically an Internet address, for example It is .ch the so-called top-level domain and indicates where the domain was registered (, i.e. at in Switzerland). Your website is then your domain, i.e. the name you have chosen, which refers to our server. And the www After all, it is simply a subfolder of the YourWebsite directory on our server. So you can at SubdomainsCreate further subdirectories yourself, for example Over a Addon domain Visitors can access a subdomain of your website by entering the URL of the add-on domain in the address field of a browser. If you want different Internet addresses to point to your website, you can do so with parked domains to reach. This would make it possible, for example, that and both refer to the same website. With Diversionsdefine internet addresses that refer to any other internet address that can also be outside our server. After all, the professionals can still do that Modify DNS zone entries and complement. Laypeople are strongly advised not to change anything here. Even a small typo can mean that you can no longer access your website or that emails disappear!


In tab Databasesyou can maintain your MySQL databases. Under MySQL databases you will find all databases that are on your server. Databases can be repaired or deleted and users can be created here. With the known phpMy Admin Experienced users can edit all data and tables of all databases and execute database commands. You can also use Remote MySQL also grant external web servers access to the MySQL databases.


In tab softwareyou will find a huge number of web applications that you can install with just one click. in the CGI center are simple scripts that you can easily integrate on your website. You also have the option Perl modules to install. With the RVSiteBuilderyou can create professional-looking websites yourself without any programming knowledge. You can choose from over 900 templates with over 4,000 designs. Softaculousand Fantastico De Luxe are program libraries that can install hundreds of programs with one click. These include, for example, web portals such as Joomla, blogs such as Wordpress, e-shops such as oscommerce and many others. But not only that: You will be informed immediately by email if there are software updates and can then install the updates with one click. No downloading and uploading of files, no endless configurations in text editors, no long searches - everything is available with one click!