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Which ice skates to buy?

Learn everything there is to know in order to be able to decide on a pair of ice skates, whether you are looking for something for children, beginners or adults. Hybrid ice skates, like most fitness inline skates, come with a soft boot, which is why they are particularly comfortable to wear and are ideal for recreational athletes. Ice hockey skates offer good support and are super agile and dynamic to drive. But if you want to drive figures and pirouettes, you should opt for figure skating.

You don't have to spend a fortune right away if you only want to skate on the ice once or twice a year. However, one should note that slightly more expensive models will also have increased wearing comfort and better support on the ankle.

Buy ice skates, but the right size

It is important not to buy ice skates that are too small. But it is just as important that these are not too big; especially if you do figure skating, because the foot has to be in complete control in order to be able to perform jumps or figures properly. The skates should be snug without pressing. When the lacing and buckles are completely undone, there should be no more than one finger behind the heel when you slide your toes all the way forward. The best thing to do is to try ice skates with the socks that you want to use later.

Many children's ice skates are adjustable in size so that they can grow with the child's foot and thus last a little longer. Usually these models cover 3-4 sizes. Size-adjustable ice skates are mainly designed for normal recreational use. So if the child doesn't just want to play ice hockey or figure skating specifically, we recommend choosing these ice skates.

When choosing the size, it is always advisable to use the size tables on the respective product page as a guide.

Ice hockey skates - for professionals and beginners

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As the name suggests, ice hockey skates are designed for use in ice hockey. However, these special ice skates are not only suitable for ice hockey players who play in clubs, but also for beginners in normal ice skating who are looking for agile and dynamic driving behavior.

Ice hockey shoes are usually made relatively hard on the outside in order to be able to protect against impacts from the puck and clubs. The inner shoe is again well padded to increase comfort. The runner is short and curved for maximum maneuverability and high acceleration. Precisely for this reason, ice hockey skates are not suitable for long distances. In contrast to figure skating skates, there is no toothing on the runner, as this would only be a handicap in ice hockey.

At SkatePro you will also find hybrid ice skates, which combine an ice hockey blade with a soft boot, as can be found on fitness inline skates. So if you are practiced in inline skating, the switch to skiing on ice will probably be a lot easier. Hybrid ice skates are generally recommended for normal recreational use.

Figure skating skates - figures, jumps & pirouettes

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Figure skating skates are for those who want to dance across the ice. The characteristic teeth on the blade of a figure skating shoe are not, as is often assumed, used for pirouettes, but mainly for tip steps and landing jumps. As a rule, the runner should have 3-4 teeth.

The shoes are offered in real and synthetic leather. Most of the time, the upper price segment of ice skates is equipped with real leather. Traditionally, the leather versions in the competition area are less padded and somewhat stiffer in order to ensure maximum support on the ankle. With the modern models, which are often designed for the leisure sector, there are shoes with good support and comfortable padding for both variants in order to increase the wearing comfort.

Hybrid ice skates

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The multitude of ice skates for children come as hybrid models. This means that these models, like inline skates in the fitness area, are usually equipped with a soft boot in order to be able to provide optimal wearing comfort. The runner can then be shaped either as an ice hockey skate or as a figure skating skate. Depending on where the child's area of ​​interest is laid out, it is then worthwhile to choose one or the other variant. It should be noted, however, that hybrids are all-purpose ice skates and that the specific models have been specially designed for the respective sport.

3-in-1 ice skates for children

If the child is generally enthusiastic about skating, a 3-in-1 "solution might be recommended. With these models, the shoe can be equipped with an ice skate, an inline rail or a classic roller-skate setup. In this way So you don't have to buy 3 different products, but are equipped with one article for summer and winter. Specially designed individual products are of course still a bit better for your sector, but the 3-in-1 skates are perfect for normal leisure activities sufficient

If you can't quite decide on a model, it often helps to borrow a few different ice skates from the local ice rink in order to get a feel for the differences and your own preferences.

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