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Information on medical practice in Australia

According to the Australian Embassy in Bonn, only those who submit an immigration application can do medical work in Australia. Before you can be admitted to the medical profession, a language test, a multiple-choice test and finally a clinical test must be completed. However, since there is also an oversupply of doctors in Australia, it is very difficult for foreign doctors to qualify.

For admission to medical practice, this is

Australian Medical Council
PO Box 293
Woden ACT 2606

Tel .: 0061 6 285 1633
Fax: 0061 6 285 2943

responsible. It is represented with extensive information material on the Internet.

New Zealand

According to our information, temporary medical practice in New Zealand is only possible after taking an exam. For more details on the test and registration, please contact

The Medical Council of New Zealand
P.O. Box 9249
New Zealand

As far as we know, doctors doing internships are not given the opportunity to do medical work in New Zealand.

The National Medical Organization in New Zealand:

New Zealand Medical Association
New Zealand Medical Association
P.O. Box 156
Wellington 1
New Zealand

Tel .: 00644 4724741
Fax: 00644 4710838

Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association (ADTOA)

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians