Trump regrets marrying Melania

The next US First Lady : Melania Trump wants to fight against character assassinations on the Internet

As a former photo model, Melania Trump is used to appearances in the spotlight, but the public interest, criticism and questions that await her in the White House is a new dimension for her. Even before she was determined to be the new US First Lady, the media dug out nude photos of the ex-model from Slovenia, reported on her allegedly illegal entry into America and made fun of the fact that she generously took one of her Republicans' speeches in the summer Michelle Obama's speech. But Melania Trump wants to assert herself in the political storm of flashlights. "Don't regret me," said the 46-year-old CNN. "I can handle everything."

As President's wife, Trump wants to fight the rampant cyber-bullying, the merciless character assassinations and hunted down internet attacks, from which young people in particular suffer and which have driven many teenagers to suicide. Perhaps she could start right away with her husband, who made a name for himself on Twitter several times during the election campaign with savage insults against political opponents. When asked which trait, in her opinion, Donald Trump should get rid of as quickly as possible, she replied on CNN: "the tweeting."

What public role will Melania Trump play?

Melania, who comes from Novo Mesto in Slovenia, met her husband Ender in New York in the 1990s. At her wedding to the billionaire in 2005, she received Bill and Hillary Clinton, among others. A year later she received her American passport and gave birth to her son Barron, with whom she attended the victory speech of the President-elect on Wednesday night.

The big question now is what public role Melania will play and whether she will influence her husband's politics. In the CNN interview, she said that she always gives Donald Trump her opinion and does not always agree with him. The first American First Lady, who was born in a socialist country - what was then Yugoslavia - and speaks the five languages, is already fighting against the image of the gray mouse behind her powerful husband: "I am my own person."

From the community

If Ms. Trump is serious about fighting character assassination on the Internet, then the first thing she should do is block her husband's access to Facebook, Twitter and Co.

... writes user hermann.the.german

She still has a lot of persuading the Americans to do, and that's not just because many citizens will miss the charismatic Michelle Obama. According to a survey, Ms. Trump is quite unpopular with the Americans - her negative values ​​approach those of Hillary Clinton as the first wife. Melania Trump cannot hope for great support from US feminists, who were among the strongest supporters of Hillary Clinton. When the tabloid "New York Post" printed some nude photos of the ex-model from the 1990s in July, media close to Trump lamented the silence of the American women's rights movement.

Ms. Trump may take revenge in her own way. On election night, she appeared in an elegant white designer pantsuit for $ 4,000 - which was often understood as an allusion to the more robustly tailored suits of Hillary Clinton, who was more than 20 years her senior. There is also fierce speculation on Twitter that the first lady could decorate the venerable White House with gilded kitsch, for which her husband's apartment in New York's Trump Tower is notorious.

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