Do you wear lingerie when you sleep?

Sleep survey


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1. When do you go to bed in the evening (normal weekday)? 0:00-1:00
2. When do you get up in the morning (normal weekday)? 8:30
3. When do you go to bed in the evening (weekend)? 1:30-3:00
4. When do you get up in the morning (weekend)? 10:00-11:00
5. How long do you need from turning on the lights to falling asleep? approx. 15 min.
6. How long do you stay in bed in the morning after waking up? at the weekend I sometimes stay in bed for an hour
7. Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear, naked, ...? In pajamas or nightgown
8. What do you do when you cannot sleep at night? Rolling around, thinking, etc.
9. Do you snore? No, never: cool1:!
10. Do you sleep better when you are alone or with a partner? With partner
11. Do you have to go to the toilet at night? No, unless I drank a lot in the evening
12. Have you ever gone to bed (except as a small child)? No
13. Do you have cuddly toys in bed? Yes my friend
14. If you have a partner, do you kiss goodnight? Yep
15. Do you read before you go to sleep? No
16. Do you sleep with the window open or closed? In winter with the window closed, in summer with the window open
17. Do you have a certain sleep side? Hmm, don't think so
18. How often do you change the bed linen? about once a week
19. Do you wear bed socks? Only when I'm very cold: shy
20. Do you often remember your dreams? Yes, mostly
21. Do you usually wake up by yourself or with an alarm clock? During the week the alarm clock rings rudely out of bed ...
22. Good night! Sleep well !