What are America's political parties

Today there are two major political parties in the United States, the "Democrats" and the "Republicans".

The "Democratic Party" developed from Thomas Jefferson's party, which was founded before 1800. The "Republican Party" was founded in 1850 by Abraham Lincoln and other opponents of the expansion of slavery.

The Democrats are seen as the more liberal party and the Republicans as the more conservative party. Democrats generally believe that the government has an obligation to develop social and economic programs for those in need
provide. Republicans are not necessarily against such programs, but they believe they cost taxpayers too much. They place more emphasis on encouraging private investment in the hope that a strong private economy will make citizens less dependent on the state.

Both major parties get a lot of support from a variety of Americans and combine a wide range of political views. Americans do not have to be a party member to vote or to run for office, but it is difficult to run for office without the money and volunteer workers a party provides.

After the 2002 election, there were only two of 435 MPs in Congress elected independents, and only 21 (0.003%) of the more than 7,300 elected MPs in state parliaments were neither Republicans nor Democrats. It is these two big parties that make up governments at both national and state levels.

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