Russians use the word jealous

Russian women. Inside and outside views

by Daria Boll-Palievskaya

In the west that is Image of Russian women shaped by many prejudices. The author (herself Russian) does away with some prejudices and shows that in Russia there are not only “babushkas with ugly headscarves and long-legged beauties willing to marry”. The book is aimed primarily at men who are or want to be with a Russian woman.

  • Russian women. Inside and outside views
  • Women in Russia are beautiful, feminine and like to stand by their husbands. But anyone who deals with Russian women should also know that they have a strong character, think little of feminism and prefer gallant men. The book takes a close look at common clichés and helps to better understand Russian women.
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The 55-page Book "Russian Women" is divided into the following chapters:

The ideal image of a woman in Russian folklore and literature

Some examples from well-known Russian fairy tales and literary classics show Russian women primarily as caring protectors of the “stronger sex”. The special thing about it: they perform miracles in the background and make their men (be it husband, father, brother or lover) look like heroes. And the amazing thing: a real Russian woman makes it happy to suffer and make sacrifices for her husband.

Emancipation in Soviet: equality or egalitarianism? The achievements of Soviet society.

After the October Revolution, women and men were officially equal in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Russian women graduated from universities, got involved in politics and did heavy labor with men. The state benefited from this commitment. Numerous crèches, kindergartens and all-day schools took care of the offspring. It is important to understand that women had to work in the Soviet Union. "The idea that a woman could stay at home “only” be a housewife and mother did not even exist in socialist society“, Writes the author and describes a normal working day of a Russian woman who had to do housework after work and look after men and children.

Women in modern Russia

Perestroika and the market economy brought “not only new burdens, but also opportunities and perspectives”. Statistical data and concrete examples show different paths that Russian women took in the early 1990s. There were “shuttle women” (women traders who mainly commuted between China and Russia), the unemployed, and women who made steep careers in business and politics. It also explains why the term “feminism” has a negative connotation in Russia.

The business woman

This chapter draws the reader's attention to the fact that there are no women among so-called Russian oligarchs. But it doesn't mean that there are no successful business women in Russia. The author names women who have achieved a lot in business and politics. At the end she sketched a Portrait of new russian business woman.

Woman hunting for millionaires

Like everywhere else in the world, many women in Russia dream of marrying a rich man. The big difference is that in Russia, the hunt for millionaires has become “a kind of business”. The book reports on the findings of a journalist who pretended to be a hunter in order to research undercover in this milieu. The Revelations of a millionaire's wife about their life doesn't exactly make you jealous. "But the Dolce Vita is so tempting that thousands of girls from all over Russia keep coming to Moscow to capitalize on their beautiful bodies."

Family / partnership

Here the differences between a Western European and a Russian family are shown. It starts with the fact that "Russian children are brought up consciously in a gender-specific manner" become. In this chapter the reader will also learn:

  • why in Russia the Divorce rate is relatively high despite the traditionally high status of marriage and family
  • whom Russian women consider ideal husband to wish
  • Why Women's friendships in Russia Are “a very important network”.

Marriages with foreigners

An interesting and for many surely surprising finding from this section reads: "In reality, the Russians are looking for an improved Russian - someone who likes to lose his head. But don't drink ”. More precise differences between Russian and German men are presented quite aptly in a few words. German men who want to marry a Russian woman find out how to do it Conquer the heart of a Russian woman can, and what they get into in such a marriage. The author's recommendation is: “Before you marry a Russian woman, you should above all free yourself from many of the clichés that exist about these women in this country.” Here are six common prejudices with comments.

Doomed beauty

“The amount of good-looking women in Russia is amazing” - it says right at the beginning of this section. Scientists are also trying to explain why there are so many beautiful women in Russia and what makes Russian women so attractive. Important is: "Russian women are aware of their beauty and love to be desirable". In this chapter, the author reveals what expectations beautiful Russian women have and how unattractive women in Russia come to terms with the situation.

My plea for the Russian woman

If you are still not sure whether you can “endure” a Russian woman, you will either always dream of a Russian after this chapter or you will say goodbye to her completely. Because with their strong and contradicting character, Russian women can make a man happy forever or drive him crazy. This section summarizes the properties that a real Russian turn off.

Do's & Don'ts when dealing with Russian women

The chapter is aimed not only at lovers, but at all men who want to make a good impression on Russian women. Because gGood dealings, compliments and flowers are considered good form in Russia and are not immediately interpreted as discrimination or sexual coercion. If you follow a few simple rules, you will surely collect some plus points with the Russian women.


The book “Russian women. Inside and outside views " is more than an amusing read. It also addresses serious issues and encourages them to come across some stubborn ones Clichés about Russian women ponder. Of course there is a bit of truth in almost every prejudice. And it is often good to know how one or the other cliché could have come about. This short book is not intended to be a profound scientific treatise. The main message is simple: Of course, some social, political and cultural events in Russia have influenced the behavior and mentality of Russian women. There is hardly a woman in Russia who does not correspond to a cliché. But above all, every Russian woman is a complex personality who wants and should be perceived as such.