How long can fruit fly eggs survive

Fruit flies

Fruit flies are active all summer long and put a strain on our nerves. They sit on food or buzz around our heads all the time. In winter we think we can finally relax until a small fruit fly makes our life difficult.

These little flies seem to be more stubborn than other insects. The life span of the fruit flies never seems to end. They attack our fruit even when it is snowing.

But why is that and how long does the fruit fly last?

Appearance of the fruit fly

The fruit fly with its reddish-yellow shell grows to around 2.5 mm. A distinction must be made between the large and small fruit flies. Her abdomen is shimmering black, the legs and sides are pale yellow, and her eyes are glowing red.

Favorite food of the fruit fly

Fruit flies, also known as fruit flies or fruit flies, love our fruit and usually thrive on easily rotten and overripe fruits. A fly lays several hundred eggs in damaged areas on various types of fruit.

The "Drosophila melanogaster" is one of a total of 3,000 species of flies worldwide. 50 species live in Germany alone. A distinction is made between wild species and cultural followers. The fruit fly belongs to the group of culture followers. That means: It has adapted to the conditions and the living space of the people.

Pupation and fruit flies lifespan

However, the fruit fly not only likes fruit, acidic foods, empty wine or juice bottles are also a delicacy for them. But back to the fruit.

The fruit fly likes the warmth in the house and the fruit. Then she feels particularly good. Attracted by the fruit, she flies in from outside and sits on easily rotten spots. If the fruit is still intact, the fly cannot penetrate the skin. But if the shell is damaged, it penetrates the inside of the fruit and lays its eggs there.

Shortly afterwards, the 3 mm long larvae hatch. They dig into the fruit and pupate after 3-5 days. Pupation (also called barrel pupation) lasts 3-4 days, then the flies hatch fully grown and sexually mature. After just 24 hours, the fruit flies can mate and lay several hundred eggs.

Depending on the living conditions the fruit fly lives 2-8 weeks. The life span of the fruit flies in males is only about 10 days. Every day is too much for us with the annoying pests and that is why there are many different remedies against fruit flies for effective control.

Control of fruit flies

There are several methods of controlling the fly in order to shorten the life span of the fruit fly. However, it is better to prevent the infestation.

There should be no over-ripe fruit lying around. During the ripening process, the gas ethylene is produced, which also stimulates adjacent fruit to ripen. Regular ventilation is just as important; this is the only way to free the apartment from gases and other attractants.

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