Previously earthquakes caused damage in Alaska

Alaska is cleaning up after a severe earth tremor and hundreds of aftershocks

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake and many minor tremors wreaked havoc in Alaska over the weekend. In the meantime, however, the supply of electricity, gas and water has been almost completely restored.

(dpa) Torn roads, devastated supermarkets, burst water pipes: a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and more than 200 aftershocks left severe damage in southern Alaska on Friday and Saturday. In the coming days, further weaker tremors can be expected, said the earthquake control center of the American state. So far, the police have not assumed dead or seriously injured.

The main quake occurred on Friday at 8:29 a.m. local time at a depth of 40 kilometers. According to information from the earthquake control center, slight effects could still be felt at a distance of 600 kilometers. According to the experts, it was one of the worst tremors in Alaska in recent years.

The epicenter was near Anchorage, the largest city in the state. Almost 300,000 people live there. The authorities were initially unable to provide precise information on the amount of damage. The supply of electricity, gas and water has been interrupted in many places, but has now been almost completely restored.

Tsunami warning lifted

Several videos are circulating on social media of Anchorage residents panicking. A reporter published recordings on Twitter that are said to have come from a courthouse. It shows how the house shakes violently and two women seek refuge under tables. Other pictures showed broken window panes and overturned furniture. A stretch of road leading to the Anchorage airport sagged.

On Saturday night, Alaska's earthquake observatory recorded multiple aftershocks that exceeded magnitude 5.0. There were also many minor vibrations. The authorities later lifted a precautionary tsunami warning for some parts of the south coast of Alaska.

Disaster declared

Bill Walker, the outgoing governor of the state, had declared a disaster in order to be able to organize aid more quickly. American President Donald Trump was briefed on the situation at the G-20 summit in Argentina and pledged his administration to help.

Alaska is repeatedly hit by tremors. The earthquake control station in the state measures a tremor every 15 minutes on average. Most of them are not felt by the residents. A particularly devastating quake occurred in 1964 when a value of 9.2 was measured.