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When applying, you can specify a placement option in one of the so-called "Public School Districts" which, according to the description, most closely matches your wishes, ideas and, in particular, the subjects offered by you. The specific sports etc. for the specific regions are always decisive.

At the same time, you have the option of choosing high schools in these districts according to your preferences and needs. We are of course happy to help you with your selection!

The American public high school offers a broad, balanced education. Four grade levels are common: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade). Depending on their age and requirements, our guest students are classified according to the high school they attend (usually as junior or senior).

The school year consists of two semesters, the "Terms". The personal timetable, usually consisting of six subjects, is newly compiled for each term. For the duration of the term, the chosen courses are repeated every day in the same order. In addition to some compulsory subjects (e.g. English, American History, Government, Health or Mathematics), there are many interesting courses to choose from. There are subjects that are known from Switzerland, but also, for example, strength training, drama, ballet, choir, ecology, family living or a wide variety of sports.

The openness of the pupils and teachers and the enthusiasm for their own school with all its activities makes a lot of things easy for foreign pupils: Integration usually works without any problems, friendships are made quickly, and you always get support with questions and problems. Learning at school is fun, because school is not just about learning ... These are the absolute strengths of the high school philosophy!

Sport and fitness are part of everyday life in America. As a rule, even small schools have excellent sports facilities and teams. In addition, high schools have a wide range of other offers of so-called "extracurricular" or "after-school activities", i.e. in clubs and working groups. Do you fancy music or theater? How about working for the school newspaper or in a video group? The opportunity to participate is open to everyone. Also the guest students. Without a lot of bureaucracy, without going through the courts.
Just feel the spirit, join in!

The following services are included in our Select Public Highschool Program:

  • High School Placement and School Fees
  • Accommodation in carefully selected host families (including breakfast and dinner during the week, full board during weekends and holidays)
  • Pay for the host families
  • Support from a local coordinator
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Airport transfer (return)
  • School shuttle (if no public transport is available)
Not included:
  • Lunch during school hours
  • School supplies, uniforms and other materials
  • flight
  • Visa fees and documents
  • Handling fee
  • pocket money

For those of you who would rather choose a public high school instead of a public high school, we offer the following options:
  • Private day schools
    • Even for several years
    • IB programs possible
    • Best preparation for later studies in the USA
  • Private boarding schools
    • Even for several years
    • IB programs possible
    • Best preparation for later studies in the USA
    • ESL programs available

For smaller budgets, we also recommend our inexpensive Basic Public or Private Services, also with the option of attending a day school or a boarding school:

  • Basic high schools
    • Particularly inexpensive
    • We choose the school
  • Basic + high schools
    • Inexpensive, with a small surcharge on the "Basic"
    • The student can express 3 wishes regarding the high school
    • We select school and present options

(not guaranteed, varies greatly depending on the duration and region, please inquire)

SELECT PUBLIC: from approx USD 17,000 / school year

SELECT PRIVATE DAY & BOARDING: from approx USD 22,000 / school year

BASIC & BASIC +: from approx USD 12,000 / school year

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